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    I’ve been playing with a little $100 Crate practice amp for the last 7 years, and was thinking of blowing my tax return on something that kicks a little more ass. Any suggestions?




    Try a Fender "Hot Rod" series amp. Pretty good all-tube tone for the money.



    An MGRCD 80 watt Marshall is my amp, the 50 watt equivelent runs about 250, and it’s sort of being phased out (the model) because of all the new avt whatnot. Guitar Center has them, you should try one.



    I’ve been playing a Fender Ultimate Chorus and a Fender Stage 160… both ran roughly about $500 a piece (new) at my local music store… both are 2×12" and the UC is something like 2×65 watts, and has an effects loop. The Stage 160 is 160 watts (duh). I recommend getting the Ultimate Chorus more… Another smaller, less expensive Fender amp that is beautiful is the Princeton 65. I almost bought this amp as an add-on to my current rig. It runs somewhere between $275-320…

    hope this helps….



    You wanna check out the Marshall AVT 100, in my opinion. It’s Valvestate, which means it has a tube-driven preamp and a solid state power amp, which means you can have thick tube-driven tone with cool digital effects (which are built-in to the amp). Dunno how much it is in America but it’s about £400 here in sunny England…



    We just got new amps in our practice room, two Peavey Bandits. They’re pretty versitle with a two channels and two settings for each channel, vintage or modern. They cost £289 each, I’m not sure how thay converts to dollars, but its probably less than you mentioned.


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    Don’t forget to look in the paper or in a bargain shopper type thing. I got my Fender Twin from a classified ad and I only paid $325. A year before that I saw one on a flyer for only $200. I still wish I’d called on that one. <img>

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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