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    Since Guided by Voices is shutting down less than a year after I ‘discovered’ them, I figured it’s time to share a few Rob Pollard stories. I know you have them.

    1) He once said he was considering renaming the band "And You Will Know Us by the Size of Our Dicks."

    2) from pitchforkmedia.com
    Story #1: "When I first saw ’em, it was back in the Mag Earwhig-era when Bob had hired Cobra Verde as his backing band. Cobra Verde’s guitarist, John somethingorother, occasionally did this move where he suddenly sprinted across the stage mid-song to rock out with the other guitarist. So halfway through the set, they’re playing a song with a long instrumental part, and Bob’s sitting back on the drum riser, drinkin’ a beer. And when the guitarist decides to do his sprint thing, Pollard anticipates it, and sticks his leg right out in the guy’s path. Guitarist goes flying into other guitarist, all instruments come unplugged, song screeches to a halt, Pollard guffaws, show resumes. Later on, I read an article about the tour; turns out the guitarist broke his hand when he took the spill, and had to wear a freakin’ cast the rest of the way. True story."



    I mentioned before about Bob falling over the drums and kept singing ‘Far Out Crops’ :)
    Fave Pollard quote:
    "It`s my fucking band!" :P

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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