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    Have been listening to a lot of singes recently, wondering if some of you have any favs. Mine change weekly but as of last nite these are my top 3

    1. Where’d you go
    Someone mentioned some other place on this board about being surprised about this song being released as a single…I was surprised as well but have definitely come to appreciate it in a huge way….very catchy song…gotta love it

    2. Get Me
    First heard this one over the phone, was out of town when it was released, husband picked it up and phoned me…played it several times..wicked phone bill but very cool. Remains one of my favs…Hot Burrito #2 what a cool song

    3. Start Choppin

    The guitar on Turnip Farm kills me every time, wow can’t get enuf of it recently.

    Everything else ties for 4th currently, heres hoping some more singles get released in the near future!!!




    Again, coz I live in Mexico I don´t even know which singles have been released over there, but the ones I know are:
    -In a Jar
    -Get me

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    Albert Camus



    Hmm…rating the singles isn’t easy, but after some thought I guess this is my top three:
    1.Just Like Heaven
    -this song still gets me everytime, -maybe one of my top 5 tracks of all time.
    2.The Wagon
    -well so is this…
    3.I Don’t Think So
    -because of the live version of
    So What Else Is New[img][/img]

    "Don’t let it bring you down, it’s only castles burning. Just find someone who’s turning. And you will come around."
    -Neil Young



    1: Take A run At The Sun/Dont U Think Its Time
    Not Really a single but great non-album tracks
    2: Where’d U Go
    Great Bsides, especially Too Hard


    Sometimes all I really want to feel is love
    Sometimes I’m angry that I feel so angry
    Sometimes my feelings get in the way
    Of what I really feel I needed to say



    My favorite J. singles:

    1. Get Me- the guitar at the end of the song is insane and the lyrics are sweet and sad

    2. Thumb- The version on Green Mind, rather than the one on Martin and Me. Again, everyone who’s ever broken up with someone can relate to the lyrics and the drums and guitar are great

    I love so many but those two are my favorites I think.





    Definitely a difficult choice picking fav singles, looks like we might have another choice soon. Keep your eyes out for a single release in Europe…Wastin, B side supposedly will have Leaving on a Jet Plane and a new song…oh so cool.

    Take a Run at The Sun has moved up on my list, amazing songs on that single. Probably also has something to do with the fact that I am SICK of winter and want to Take a Run at The Sun…literally.


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