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    Official live albums,not bootlegs:

    Social Distortion-Live At The Roxy
    Husker Du-The Living End
    Jimi Hendrix-Band Of Gypsies
    John Coltrane-Live At The Village Vanguard
    John Coltrane-Live In Japan
    Built To Spill-Live
    Allman Brothers-At The Filmore East
    Charles Mingus-Right Now At The Jazz Workshop
    Charles Mingus-At Antibes
    Miles Davis-Four And More/My Funny Valentine
    Miles Davis-Agharta
    Rolling Stones-Get Your Ya Ya`s Out
    Eric`s Trip-The Eric`s Trip Show
    Muddy Waters-At Newport
    Buddy Guy-His Fantastic In Person Performance
    Buddy Guy-Live At The Checkerboard Lounge
    Keith Jarrett-Personal Mountains
    Neil Young-Rust Never Sleeps,Live Rust

    I problably forgot alot so I might add more later



    Payin’ The Dues-The Hellacopters

    There are 2 versions of this disc, single and double that includes the live disc <img> I had to get both <img>




    The Who-Live At Leeds
    Etta James-Rocks The House
    Thelonious Monk-Misterioso
    McLaughlin/DeLucia/DiMeola-Friday Night In San Fransisco
    John Lee Hooker-At Cafe Au Go Go
    Sarah Vaughan-At Mr Kelly`s
    MC5-Kick Out The Jams

    sorry I did`nt include Frampton Comes Alive <img>

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    Motorpsycho – Roadwork Vol 1
    Radiohead – I Might Be Wrong EP
    The Cure – Live
    Songs Ohia – Mi Sei Apparso Come Un Fantasma

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    Rock of ages / the Band
    Johnny Cash / San Quentin
    BB King / Live at the Regal
    Little Feat / Waiting for Columbus
    Bob Dylan / 1966
    Talking Heads / Stop making sense

    This for a start



    Mermen-Live at the Haunted House
    Built To Spill-Live
    Niel Young & Crazy Horse-Weld
    Led Zeppelin-The Song Remains the Same
    Jimi Hendrix Live at the Fillmore East
    Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds-Live Seeds
    Material Issue-Goin Through Your Purse
    Ozzy Osborne-Randy Rhoads Tribute
    Nirvana-Unplugged in New York
    Michael Hedges-Live on the Double Planet
    J Mascis-Martin and Me



    Am I the only one who doesn’t care for live albums?


    buckingham rabbit

    the only ones–peel sessions (does that count?)

    jason and the scorchers–midnight roads and stages seen

    that pearl jam series… <img>


    Long Distance Drunk

    Built to Spill–Live
    Husker Du–the Living End
    Neil Young–Live Rust
    the Roots Come Alive
    Disc 2 of Death to the Pixies
    Bela Fleck and the Flecktones–Live Art

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    Malcom-some live albums are boring,I have a PJ Harvey live album from 93,I`m not sure if it`s a bootleg or not but it`s like listening to Rid Of Me,it just sounds so much like the studio,why bother having it twice?I think with jazz albums when alot of the songs are done diffrently then in the studio or was`nt recorded before in a studio are more exciting,that Miles Davis album Agharta was totally improvised out of nothing mostly except for a few little themes from previous songs.I think with the MC5`s Kick Out The Jams it showed what a kick ass live band they were and the studio just held them back from their ecstatic glory.



    </font><blockquote><font>quote:</font><hr><font>Originally posted by BEAUTY WAS ALL FROZE:
    <strong>I think with the MC5`s Kick Out The Jams it showed what a kick ass live band they were and the studio just held them back from their ecstatic glory.</strong></font><hr></blockquote><font>The same applies to the Seeds: their ‘Hollywood Bowl’ live album is unbelievable – one of the best live albums I know. Their studio albums are tame in comparison to this live recording.



    My mom had a great live Doors record that we used to listen to when we were little. I can see the album cover but I don’t remember the name, & I can’t find it on Cdnow or Amazon. It had a rockin’, raunchy cover of ‘Gloria’ on it…I remember my mom would rush over to the turntable and skip over it so we wouldn’t hear the sex parts, haha. But of course we’d put it back on as soon as she left.

    Other live ones I like:

    -Diamanda Galas- ‘Malediction and Prayer’
    -Elvis Presley- ’68 Comeback Special’
    -Alice in Chains- ‘MTV Unplugged’
    -Marilyn Manson- ‘The Last Tour on Earth’
    -Blues Traveler- ‘Live from the Fall’
    -Various- ‘Live at the Hootenanny, Vol 1’…great live rockabilly/swing, including Reverend Horton Heat, Mike Ness, & Lee Rocker
    -Pearl Jam- the Atlanta concert. this was broadcast on the radio in 93 or 94; I taped it on cassette but I think they later released it as a series of cds. when the concert was over, the band still had some unused on-air time, and Eddie played stuff from his personal collection to fill it up. I don’t know if that part made it to the cds, but it was great; he basically deejayed for 45 minutes after the show.

    And how cool is it that br mentioned Jason and the Scorchers?



    Bucky Ramone

    Ramones – It’s Alive
    Warren Zevon – Stand in the fire (will it ever be released on cd?????)
    16 Horsepower – Hoarse
    Townes van Zandt – Live at McCabe’s


    buckingham rabbit

    I have friends who used to be DJs at KCR at San Diego State University. So this is a KCR story: back in the 80s Eddie Vedder’s girlfriend was a dj there. So, Eddie at some point decided he wanted to be one too. However, they wouldn’t take him because the bands he wrote down as ones he liked all sucked. I don’t know what bands he liked–but this is what the story is. I guess they actually have a sort of test, and if you pick a bunch of shitty bands, they won’t let you be a DJ cause they don’t want that stuff played on the air.



    Not alot, I’m not a huge live records fan:

    Pumpkins – Earphoria
    Radiohead – I Might Be wrong
    NIN – And All That Could Have Been
    PJ – Live On Two Legs
    PJ – Seattle Washington (3cd set)
    MM- Last Tour On Earth
    Neil young – Live Rust

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