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    J/Murph/George Berz
    Grant Hart(Husker Du)
    Mitch Mitchell(Jimi Hendrix)
    John Bonham(Led Zep)
    Janet Bean(11th Dream Day)
    Georgia Hubley(Yo La Tengo)
    Zachary Barocas(Jawbox)
    Elvin Jones(John Coltrane)
    Art Blakey
    Tony Williams(Miles Davis)
    Mo Tucker(Velvet Underground)
    Mark Gaudet(Eric`s Trip)
    Steve Shelley(Sonic Youth)
    Colm O`Coisig(MBV)
    Brenden Canty(Fugazi)
    Stewart Copeland(The Police)
    Janet Weiss(Sleater Kinney)



    Cool topic Salamiguy,

    I really agree with Stewart Copeland(The Police). He really sounds good on all the Police stuff.

    I have to add the second I saw the topic….

    Neil Pert (Rush)…If you are into drumming this guy really adds so much to all of there songs. Not to mention that he used to write most of the lyrics as well. I’m not sure if he still does.

    If you love him or hate him I also have to add
    Tommy Lee…I know what I’m sure many are thinking. If you had the chance to see him go round and round and upside down back in the day as I did, it makes you forget all the news you hear about the guy now. If nothing else he put on a show for the masses <img>




    I’ve heard that about Tommy Lee as well. It’s too bad he’s such a wacko.

    I love Chad Smith from the Chili Peppers. And of course, J is so great; I’ve had the privelege of watching him play drums at a couple of shows.

    Dave Abruzzese was Pearl Jam’s best drummer, & a personal favorite as well. Also Questlove from The Roots, Keith Moon, Jimmy Lester of Los Straitjackets, and that young guy that drummed for Santana back in the day.

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    I think the Santana guy might be Mike Shrieve.
    I agree on Chad Smith from the RHCP,great drummer.
    Neil Peart I agree on too,I never listened to Rush much but he`s a amazing skin pounder.
    I remember J saying Ian Paice from Deep Purple was one of his favs.



    Rat Scabies-The Damned
    Jerry Nolan-New York Dolls/Heartbreakers
    Rock Action-Stooges
    Tory Crimes-Clash (Terry Chimes)
    Paul Cook-Pistols
    J Mascis-love J’s drumming <img> George and Murph <img>
    Animal-Muppets <img>
    Denis Thompson-MC5
    Ron Keeley-Radio Birdman
    Dee Generate-Eater-only played on 2 releases but was taught by the Rat <img>
    Rick Butler-Jam
    Grant Hart-Husker Du…not one of the best technically but hey sentimental fav
    Ivor Hay-Saints
    The Hellacopters drummer…Robert shame on me can’t remember his last name right now <img>

    Allison…hmm thats a lot of drummers <img>



    Oh oh. How could I forget Ginger Fish, of Marilyn Manson. Make whatever ‘goth’ comments you will; the guy can rock. He has more stamina than most drummers I’ve seen live, and is precise as a machine.

    Also, Salami- I haven’t heard much Jawbox, but I’ve liked the songs I have heard, and the drumming is definitely solid.


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    Thanks Rosa,

    for reminding me of two drummers I was just not thinking of at all until you mentioned…stamina, and is precise as a machine.

    If you want uncompromised, faster in concert then on the album, punishment to the extreme, then your band is……….. <img> SLAYER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <img> and the original drummer who is now back with the band is Dave Lombardo. Dave was replaced by Paul Bostaph for a while, the importance of mentioning Paul is that just when I thought it couldn’t get any faster and more technical, Paul turned it up a notch. These guys can’t be touched in my opinion <img>




    Well, since Mr.’s Pert, Bonham, and Masics have all been mentioned..

    I have always loved Tim "Herb" Alexander.. from that suckiest of all sucky bands, Primus. <img>

    Am I wrong? <img> No, I am not <img> … am I arguing with myself? <img> <img>
    Its late…


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    Rosa-Jawbox had 2 drummers in their career;Adam Wade on the first 2 albums and Zachary Barocas on the 3rd and 4th albums;I think Barocas was the better drummer.Jawbox does a great cover of Tori Amos`s Cornflake Girl on their 4th album,have you ever heard that?
    Tony-I agree on Bill Stevenson,he also played in Black Flag at the same time he was in the Descendents,I don`t how he juggled playing in 2 active bands.

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    Gasp Shock HOrror!!!

    Can’t believe I forgot this drummer, Nick Royale. Loved his playing with The Hydromatics, wasn’t a fan of Entombed though. Something about that guitar playing drummer thing that just thrills me… <img>

    Tommy Lee <img> I just can’t get past what a geek he is. Maybe all that centrifugal force from spinning in that cage scrambled his brains…along with a few other substances <img>




    </font><blockquote><font>quote:</font><hr><font> Jawbox does a great cover of Tori Amos`s Cornflake Girl on their 4th album,have you ever heard that? </font><hr></blockquote><font>Yessir. That rich boy I had a crush on in college used to spin that one on his radio show every once in a while. I downloaded it back in the Napster days; it is a really great cover. I like the way they fucked the rhythm all up. <img>

    take care



    Obviously I have a thing for drummers <img> <img>

    Peter Criss…minus that Beth incident <img>

    He was taught by the best Jerry Nolan <img> Jerry was a left handed drummer, Criss was right so they put their kits face to face and the lessons began…god I love that story <img>

    Allison <img>

    3 hrs and counting to the start of the NFL season…whooohooo <img>



    umm hullo can we represent some more girls here? like say gina from the go-go’s, or ok umm the chic from ah luscious jackson or um shit i ain’t got so much.
    VF help me out ???



    I`m not VF but I`ll try to think up some more;Kate Schellenbach is Luscious Jackson`s drummer.
    Tobi Vail(Bikini Kill)
    Lori Barbiero(Babes In Toyland)
    Dee Plaktas(L7)
    Cindy Blackman(jazz drummer who also played with Lenny Kravitz)
    Meg White(White Stripes)
    Debbie Vanderwall(Butterglory)



    the coolest female drummer I can think of is surely
    Moe Tucker, but she was already mentioned here.
    Also very very cool: Lindy Morrison (Go-Betweens).
    Another female drummer: Janet Weiss (Sleater-Kinney)

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