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    review is:

    Dinosaur Jr.

    Classic freak scenesters re-create fiery golden days
    Years apart didn’t kill the spirit of Dinosaur Jr.’s original lineup: Regrouping in 2005, they channeled 1988, with only minor nods to the more refined later era when J Mascis led the way alone. Like 2007’s Beyond, Farm sounds like old-school Dino–gnarlier, snarlier, and better than it has any business being. Mascis can still make the guitar squeal a story, and his mumble has never sounded stronger. Lou Barlow, per the blueprint, contributes exactly two solid, Sebadoh-ish songs. Apparently, you can go home again, and it’s still plenty loud and comfortable.

    PIC : http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3299/3545283908_b2493efeca.jpg

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