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    I been lookin’ all over for the lyrics for this song but I can’t find them anywhere. Can anyone help me out?



    Tales have spun me better days
    Can’t explain and I can’t stay
    Please just make it go away

    Every guy walks down my street
    Any girl they care to meet
    I know there’s something out there

    Any time it seemed ok
    Had to wreck it couldn’t wait
    I know there’s something better

    Everybody lets me down
    All this time I never found
    Everybody lets me down
    Go outside and look around
    Never quite set on the ground

    In a pile I cry, I sleep
    End the day the same old heap
    I know there’s something out there

    After a while I get warn down
    How much hope am I allowed
    How much is there left out there

    Found it here:

    http://www.drunken.blogger.com.br/2003_10_01_archive.html”>http://www.drunken.blogger.com.br/2003_ … chive.html



    Thanx 8)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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