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    Just got this from CDNow

    Luckily, it’s the time of year for CDNOW’s allstar news to let artists tell their fans what they enjoyed in the past year, whether 10 CDs they kept replaying or the top 10 "anythings" that inspired them.

    J. Mascis lets us in on his nine favorite CDs of all-time. Click on each link to read reviews, listen to sound samples, or buy your own copy!

    J. Mascis’ All-time Favorites:

    1. Eater, The Album http://p04.com/t.d?YEXrwPHe=/cdnow.com/eater_2album/from=rex:x:cdn:1215jmasf

    2. The Rolling Stones, Exile on Main Street http://p04.com/t.d?DkXrwPHe=/cdnow.com/exile_2on_2main/from=rex:x:cdn:1215jmasf

    3. Sandy Denny, The Best of Sandy Denny http://p04.com/t.d?WEXrwPHe=/cdnow.com/sandy_2denny_2album/from=rex:x:cdn:1215jmasf

    4. Blind Faith, Blind Faith http://p04.com/t.d?NkXrwPHe=/cdnow.com/blind_2faith/from=rex:x:cdn:1215jmasf

    5. The Stooges, Fun House http://p04.com/t.d?GkXrwPHe=/cdnow.com/fun_2house_2album/from=rex:x:cdn:1215jmasf

    6. The Wipers, Over the Edge http://p04.com/t.d?PkXrwPHe=/cdnow.com/wipers_2discography/from=rex:x:cdn:1215jmasf

    7. Black Sabbath, Sabotage http://p04.com/t.d?REXrwPHe=/cdnow.com/sabotage_2album/from=rex:x:cdn:1215jmasf

    8. Wire, Pink Flag http://p04.com/t.d?ckXrwPHe=/cdnow.com/pink_2flag_2import/from=rex:x:cdn:1215jmasf

    9. Ron Wood, I’ve Got My Own Album to Do http://p04.com/t.d?HEXrwPHe=/cdnow.com/ive_2got_2my_2own/from=rex:x:cdn:1215jmasf

    For more artists’ favorites, visit allstar news Year in Review at:

    jeremiah –
    "looking through a hole in the sky…"



    Wow what a cool list!!! Dating myself here but Eater were quite the band….Thinking of The USA was a great song. Gross story but they once brought a dead pig on stage, thought they could chop the head off…not. They ended up hacking away at it…yuck. Mannequin & Outdoor Miner by Wire are a couple of my favs pop/punk tunes of all time.



    This is a different list, taken from Pulse, september 1994:

    Eater-The album

    Birthday Party-The bad seed

    Various Artists-Flex your head

    Creedence Clearwater Revival-Green River

    Led Zeppelin-Houses of the holy

    Sandy Danny-Best of

    Nick Drake-Pink Moon

    Blitz-All out attack

    Discharge-Fight back

    Black Sabbath-Sabotage

    Ron Wood-I’ve got my own album to do


    As you see, there are big differences.Six years it’s a long time, but J seems to have a clear idea of what he really likes.Do you think is reticent in someways? What about a Neil Young record?



    right now everyone picture j headbanging to sabbath i would love to see that

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    Stranger things have happened [img]http://www.freakscene.net/ubb/smilies/face-icon-small-smile.gif[/img]


    Where Available</center>



    Bedroom? Mmmmh… is it J presenting his new plumeau case?! [img]http://www.freakscene.net/ubb/smilies/eek.gif[/img]



    thats pretty cool you should make it a avatar

    Hail satan we worship you

    "You look down at me and see a fool, you look up at me and see your lord, you look at me and see yourself"
    Charles Manson



    Found this @ http://www.CDNow.com today. They have J elaborating a little on his picks

    ||| 1 ||
    Minor Threat: Complete Discography
    J. Mascis: "All their stuff is on one CD now, so call that an album. What I’m really talking about are the first two 45s. That shit and Ian McKaye’s other band, the Teen Idles, really hit me hard. Finally, punks who weren’t into drugs kicked ass and were suburban brats like me. I was so glad to find punks who weren’t junkies. Being from a hippie town, when I hit 15, it was an epiphany for me to find someone screaming about how drugs sucked. And they weren’t British either. I was hooked."

    ||| 2 |||
    Birthday Party: Junkyard (Remastered)
    "The Birthday Party filled the void left by a dying hardcore scene. They were my favorite band when I started Dinosaur Jr. Nick Cave was also my fashion hero, helping me through my dark college days. It would drive my roommate crazy. He’d look at me like I was a retard. The Bad Seed EP is not an album, but that one was even cooler."

    ||| 3 |||
    Black Sabbath: Sabotage
    "This blew my mind, especially with headphones on. ‘Thrill of It All’ is one of my favorite songs of all time. Ozzy, their whole thing is just the fucking best."

    ||| 4 |||
    Rolling Stones: Exile On Main Street
    "I went grocery shopping for my mom in junior high, skimmed eight bucks off the top and bought this. It’s hard to get sick of this one. The guitar interplay between Mick Taylor and Keith Richards is pretty much what my guitar style is based on."

    ||| 5 |||
    Stooges: Fun House
    "Punishing excess. A relentless assault. Folksongs for a new generation. The best single side of a record, ever, by far. Hit after hit kicking your ass."

    ||| 6 |||
    Joy Division: Unknown Pleasures
    "I never understood why people thought of them as depressing. These guys rock hard."

    ||| 7 |||
    Wire: Pink Flag//154//Chairs Missing
    "I just love it."

    ||| 8 |||
    Deep Purple: Machine Head
    "One of the first albums that I stole from my brother. I didn’t understand the concept that records could get scratched up. I figured, if it didn’t skip, it was fine. It was under my bed, against the wall, without a jacket, but it didn’t skip when I played it. So, why was my brother yelling at me?"

    ||| 9 |||
    Sandy Denny: No More Sad Refrains-Anthology
    "My favorite singer, pure and clear."




    On a concert, back in 1994 (promoting ‘without a sound’), J started playing the beginning of ‘War Pigs’



    J is right Black Sabbath is the fucking best, my friend just got suroound sound speakers and we just blasted the first 5 sabbath albums as always they sounded amazing and i realized how almost every band has ripped them in some way, im a little bit upset J didnt pick and beatles albums, GOO GOO G’ GUU

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    I only like the ozzy years. Dio sucks ass [img]http://www.freakscene.net/ubb/smilies/face-icon-small-wink.gif[/img]

    On one of the Velvet Monkeys 7" singles (J played guitar) they do a cover of Why Don’t We Do It In the Road by the Beatles. [img]http://www.freakscene.net/ubb/smilies/biggrin.gif[/img]




    I found this old thread,cool.We were talking about that first list not long ago.
    Lots of good stuff mentioned,J saying Sandy Denny is his fav singer is cool,she did have a good voice,check out her stuff with Fairport Convention.
    Minor Threat I totally agree on,Joy Division were great,of course the Stooges,Stones-Exile I always pull out that once in a while,Wire were cool,Sabbath;yeah cool,Birthday Party ditto.
    Discharge was one of those Boston hardcore bands in the 80`s.Anyone know what that Blitz was?



    Nice find Jeremiah.

    Who else was suprised there was no N’Sync records on there? [img]images/smiles/converted/lol.gif[/img]



    If you want the Jaron bashing to stop
    Stop talking about n sync!



    <BLOCKQUOTE><font>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by salamiguy:
    <STRONG>If you want the Jaron bashing to stop
    Stop talking about n sync!</STRONG><HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    OK, OK, Ok… you could have just said the joke was getting old, geez… [img]images/smiles/converted/frown.gif[/img]

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