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    Now is your chance! John, who most of you know has been behind the boards for a ton of Dinosaur/J recordings among others, is guest moderating at the Pro Recording Workshop forums for a while so you can ask away


    There have already been some questions posted that may be of interest to you

    Interesting note on where “Start Choppin” was named…

    “…So Start Chopping got it’s name while we cut that track. We cut the final take and we were discussing the intro being to long so I was about to do a multi track edit. J said in his total J way, “Staaaaaart Choppin!” And that was the name that stuck with the song. Ironically, I did the edit, but they liked it the original way, but the title stuck. ” – from the Where You Been thread

    He has recorded with MANY legends – Check out his site too http://www.johnagnello.com



    Good thing too! That intro it is classic.


    Yeah Right

    I love John Agnello. The production on Free So Free is perfect. Can’t really think of any questions though. Other than things like ‘how do I make things sound the way you do?’

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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