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    European tour is starting up soon, some changes to report though. J recently sent our fearless leader some info on the cancellation of some shows… Update from J The German & Scandinavian shows have been rescheduled. The shows remain solo acoustic, but City Slang wants to remind you that nobody does solo shows like J….NOISY is what you should expect!!!

    Thanks to Rambelon for the following info…

    +++ City Slang – newsletter +++

    +++J MASCIS: playing by himself+++

    In November indie rock veteran J Mascis will be on a solo tour. A man and his guitar. No campfire! It`s more a fireworks display of sometimes acoustic-y heart breaking and sometimes earthquaking rock songs with the most sad / beautiful singing ever! You’ve never seen a more kicking one-man-show! But, don‚t take our word for it…check him out on tour in your city this November & December. Go and see.


    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!attention: Due to illness the first nine gigs are postponed. New dates TBA. Hopefully December

    The German & Scandinavian dates have been rescheduled…

    10/29/02::Malmo, Sweden::- KB Tickets *rescheduled:: 12/10/02*
    10/30/02::Oslo, Norway:: So What *rescheduled:: 12/13/02::sold out*
    10/31/02::Stockholm, Sweden:: Kagelbanan *rescheduled::12/11/02*
    11/01/02::Gothenburg ::Playground/ Pusterviks*rescheduled::12/12/02::Gothenburg, Sweden::Sticky Fingers*
    11/02/02::Berlin, Germany:: ColumbiaFritz* rescheduled::12/16/02*
    11/03/02::Munich, Germany:: Feierwerk* rescheduled::12/17/02*
    11/04/02::Rome, Italy:: Classico Village*rescheduled 12/03/02*
    11/06/02::Frankfurt, Germany:: Mousonturm*rescheduled 12/18/02*
    11/07/02::Hamburg, Germany:: Logo*rescheduled 12/15/02*

    Get well soon J!!! More Info

    11/08/02::Amsterdam, Holland:: Crossing Border FestivalMelkweg(old hall)2215-2315
    11/09/02::Nijmegen Holland::Doornroosje
    11/12/02:Koln, Germany:: Gebaude9
    11/13/02::Brussels, Belgium:: Club AB
    11/14/01::Strasbourg or Milan TBA
    11/15/02::Paris, France::La Boule Noire
    11/17/02::Liverpool,UK::Liverpool Uni
    11/18/02::Edinburgh, Scotland:La Belle Angele
    11/19/02::Nottingham, UK:The Social Club
    11/20/02::London, England:: Peel Session
    11/21/02::London, England::Dingwalls
    11/22/02::Brighton, UK::The Pavillion
    11/23/02::Cork, Ireland::The Half Moon
    11/24/02::Dublin, Ireland::Whelans
    11/25/02::Belfast, Ireland::Limelight
    11/27/02::Madrid, Spain::Moby Dick
    11/28/02::Valencia, Spain:: Wha Wha
    11/29/02::Bilbao::Lisbon::Paradise Garage
    11/30/02::Porto::Hard Club
    12/03/02::Rome, Italy::Classico Village
    12/06/02::Tilburg, Holland:: 013 Tilbur Tribute To The Stooges
    12/10/02::Malmo, Sweden::KB
    12/11/02::Stockholm, Sweden::Kagelbanan
    12/12/02::Gotburg, Sweden::Sticky Fingers
    12/13/02::Oslo, Norway::So What
    12/15/02::Hamburg, Germany::Logo
    12/16/02::Berlin, Germamy::Columbiafritz
    12/17/02::Munich, Germany::Feierwerk
    12/18/02::Frankfurt, Germany::Mousonturm

    The shows in Europe are solo acoustic, except of course for the Stooges Tribute thing that has been moved from effenar to 013 Tilbur in Holland. Big thanks for all the help with the new tour dates, if you hear of anymore you can add them to this thread… Euro Tour Dates

    Check back soon for rescheduled show information!!!

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    hEY Ally

    Some changes, thanks

    Stooges Tribute is 12/06/02 instead of 12/05/02
    & the gig on 11/10/02, Effenaar, is not true (not listed on their website, & I have called them, they dont know anything ;()

    C Ya



    Thanks to Mattman & Captain Geebheart for the much needed corrections <img> I need some caffeine badly <img>

    Wonder if this updated list needs to be sent out…

    Allison <img>



    hEY Ally

    I understand yr hint
    Consider it done




    oh dear, now that is kinda sad <img>
    I really really hope, that J recovers well & takes care.

    It would be great, if another Hamburg gig will take place this year, though <img>
    Besides of the sad contents, I like the City Slang newsletter, it’s written very nice <img>



    I can only second that: Let’s just hope that J has got health insurance, because diagnosis, surgery & hospital are surely expensive <img>
    And only 9 sick days for a gallbladder surgery is not much at all…



    ahhhhhhhhh thats worng with J????
    i hope he´s ok!

    @ the germans
    what means bug??



    J was so kind to send an update.
    Lets keep our fingers crossed that J will go through the surgery well and that he will be fine, soon (same for Jeremiah, of course!!!)

    Bugs are mean little creatures that can cause an illness like a cold ("Bazillen" in German)



    hEY Ally

    Can u edit these dates in yr post, thank U

    12/15/02: Hamburg, Germany: Logo
    12/16/02: Berlin, Germany: Columbiafritz
    12/17/02: Munich, Germany: Feierwerk
    12/18/02: Frankfurt, Germany: Mousonturm



    Done <img> Not a bad Xmas present for the German fans out there…lucky so & so’s <img> Fingers crossed more rescheduling takes place if possible!!!

    Thanks to everyone for helping with the tour dates <img>



    expect nothing

    11/17/02::Liverpool,UK::Liverpool Uni

    Shit i wish i’d gone to Liverpool Uni now <img>



    hello everybody <img>

    @ FC
    thank you!

    ok the berlin gig is on a sunday… i hope i can go there with my mother <img>



    the Hamburg Logo told me in an email, that the reschduled date for Hamburg is on Sunday, Dec. 15th. Maybe you’re talking ’bout the Hmaburg gig, then?



    </font><blockquote><font>quote:</font><hr><font>Originally posted by Flying Cloud:
    <strong>the Hamburg Logo told me in an email, that the reschduled date for Hamburg is on Sunday, Dec. 15th. Maybe you’re talking ’bout the Hmaburg gig, then?</strong></font><hr></blockquote><font>oh sorry, yes you´re right! <img>
    i meant hamburg, of course



    great <img>

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