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    wanted to ask if anyone here is from europe maybe??= or is it like usa only? or? im like finland maybehere is some boddy? i dunno if this topic has been allready done cos im like so new here´, and as long as i been listening to dino i havent saw any cool place like this in net thx to 1 sonic youth site..
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    hi am-ug

    there’s people from all around the world here — the people who check in most frequently are mainly from the US, Canada and W. Europe it seems like to me …

    not sure about any other people from finland though …



    Actually, there are lots of people from Europe. Some of them are even on the Freakscene Team!

    *Clears throat and points at himself and captain geebheart.*

    We’re also proud to have, now you’ve been kind enough to join, at least seven members from Finland. <img>




    hi there.

    There are a couple of norwegians here, me included. Maybe I ought to change my nickname to a more typhical norwegian name like Bjørn or Vegard or my real name..
    The name I use on the BulletinBoard is influenced by my childhood-hero; Gene Simmons.

    Per is my real name, I think I will change to that.



    Welcome to the boards am-ug <img>

    There`s alot of Europeans around here so you`ll feel at home.



    Welcome <img> We have lots of Scandinavians that visit the boards, here’s a link to a members band site from Finland… Cliff Barnes




    wow im so suprised <img> example in butthole surfers forum im like only one who’s in euro back there,
    oh and damn never thought someone from finland is here i know only back around here 1 dude who listens pixies and thats it <img> its cool that we in euro hear some great stuff from back -us-, thou my bands what i listen i had a lots of luck to find em


    Bucky Ramone

    Hi, and welcome on board from Holland as well <img>



    there is even french people <img>



    well there are even some swedish people, though it seems like the norwegians are the most active scandinavian freaks around here at present.

    Sophie: I keep looking at your avatar and it’s so cute it just melts me every time <img>



    </font><blockquote><font>quote:</font><hr><font> Sophie: I keep looking at your avatar and it’s so cute it just melts me every time </font><hr></blockquote><font>Hear hear, but Sophie’s so cute anyway. . . she even types cute.

    I have to say Am-Ug, this is one of the few message boards with anything approaching intellegent conversation, "U R Gay" is never seen.

    It’s almost creepy. . .

    Oh shit, are American’s allowed in this thread?

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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