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    I found a problem through using internet explorer – an error message 404 keeps coming up when I log on to the forum. Not sure why this happens but now I use firefox it seems to have stopped this happening and now I can post/read – I was going to say hope this helps but you wouldn’t be able to read this if your having the same problem I guess šŸ™‚
    -Sorry can you bump this to the right place please….



    Thanks for letting me know! @tonas caught me on facebook and let me know he was running into the same thing with his work pc.

    Is it IE7? I have only been able to duplicate this with IE7 but want to make sure. With so many people sticking with XP I think I am going to have to make some changes to the site.

    I’m going to take some steps to separate the forums back out from the rest of the site. It will still be here but you will have separate logins.
    Nothing will be lost and the only real shifts will be :
    the forums may look slightly different than the rest of the site,
    the address to posts will be real addresses and not the javascript parsed ones (no #),
    and the logins will no longer be linked

    It may take me a day or two to do some testing but I have been leaning toward doing it anyway. We will just call it a failed experiment.



    Thanks Jeremiah, Yes its IE7 – If anyone wants to check what IE they are running on open it and press (ALT+H and select about IE) should be the first thing that comes up. But I would change to firefox anyway as I remember on my old laptop it had loads of ‘bugs’, and started running really slow.



    Thanks @empire3!

    Ok – as the first step I have separated the forum login from the rest of the site.

    You will need to login to the forum with either your email address & password Or one of the third party providers (facebook/twitter/google or openid) – up to you.

    You will only need to login to the rest of the site to post comments and you have the same login options but they are not linked here any longer.

    I will be pulling the forums out of the ajax wrap it is in now over the next day or so…. actually I am testing it locally now and trying to work out the kinks but we are on our way!






    Sweet man, finally able to get on. Thanks Jeremiah.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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