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    Does anyone have any experience first or second hand with EMusic.com? It’s sounding pretty intriguing to me.. Download all the MP3’s you want for $10 a month from a lot of the major indie labels.

    Got a clue about how fast (K per sec) you can download at? Do any of the automated download programs work with it?

    I dont do the Kaaza or WinMx thing since I actually like to grab full albums and I’m not quite that deviant to go into IRC looking for .RAR files <img>

    And with that being said, I actually dont have a problem forking out money to artists who I think are worthwhile. I go buy CDs (new and used) all the time, but dropping $50 on used CDs isn’t giving the artist anything back, where maybe they’d see soemthing from the $10 a month.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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