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    I was bored so I thought I’d give everyone my 2 cents worth of thoughts on modern music and CDs I’ve got in rotation. Here goes:

    J. Mascis & The Fog – I love ’em. To be honest, I think they’re better then Dino Jr. Can’t wait for another studio album; the lyrical imagery J. put forward on ‘More Light’ shows his ever growing maturity as a lyricist. "Same Day" is particuarly great. The range of emotions he shows is astounding.

    Dexter Freebish – good band. Probably doomed to be a 1-hit wonder but their entire album is genius. Will see them this weekend.

    Reel Big Fish – Jaron listens to… ska!?! Yes, on occasion. Good lyrics: "She’s got a girlfriend now… she’s got a girlfriend now!" My sentiments exactly.

    SP – I’m beginning to doubt my faithful Pumpkins. For those of you who follow their website, this whole "Black Wings" anime cartoon is ridiculous. Put out a DVD or greatest hits album or shut up. Quit trying to draw us into "mysteries" that lead nowhere. Billy Corgan could well be the anti-christ. He sure has a way of manipulating situations. Regardless, his "free" Machina II idea is the future of music.

    Tool – Probably the band that intrigues me the most right now. Maynard Keenan is genius, but odd as heck.

    Radiohead – Love the music, but they have always seemed to try too hard to be strange. If you’re strange, cool, but when you’re trying to be… ugh. Still one of my favorites. Amnesiac is inferior to Kid A, though.

    Stabbing Westward – Not the next NIN as one of my friends claim they will be. Not poseurs like another of my friends claim they are. They are, however, their own entity. It’s sort of what the band The Cure would be with Trent Reznor on lead guitar.

    REM – Sad to say but I smell blood in the water. Least they’re going out with a great album.

    Weezer – two words: Hip hip.

    STP – No respect. No respect at all.

    311 – Boring me now.

    Coldplay – The next big thing? Band of the new decade? Good chance, unless pop music decides to crush them with a new BSB release.

    James Taylor – Losing it. He really is. Trust me, saw him in concert, losing it.

    Queens Of The Stone Age – Why aren’t people talking about them? Best danged album of 2000, bar none.

    Les Claypool – Whether it’s with Primus or the Flying frog Brigade or the Holy Mackerel, this guy lays down the best bass lines ever, and I don’t care what Mike Watt and RHCP fans have to say about it.

    Portishead – Overrated.

    Gin Blossoms – Where are you now?

    Blink 182 – Fun to listen to occasionally, but not a great rock band as MTV would have one believe.

    Guess that’s pretty much my thoughts on ‘modern’ music. Oh, any MTV type bands (Destiny’s child, BSB, Nsync, Britney, Christina) all stink. But you knew that already.

    Can’t wait to see people’s opinions on my other points.



    I know I said I should`nt diss people for liking a certain band but dexter freebish?
    Tool?-You know that claymation video they had in the early 90`s,some guys at the local college staion said it looked like the california
    Portishead-yeah overrated but they`re ok
    Pumpkins-my cousin loves em I don`t hate them but don`t pay much attention to them,
    some songs off siamese dream are ok.



    <BLOCKQUOTE><font>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by salamiguy:
    Tool?-You know that claymation video they had in the early 90`s,some guys at the local college staion said it looked like the california

    LOL – it’s true.

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