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    I have a question about an effect that J uses on the song "Sweet Child of Mine".

    Let me first point out that I donwloaded the version of this song from Audiogalaxy so specific time is related to this version which lasts for 6:47.

    During the song when J is playing a guitar riff he changes the sound Completely. This happens two times during the song at 2:59 and lasts till almost 3:03 and once more from 4:01 to 4:05. Like I said the change in sound is only for a few notes of the song so by giving it a listen I don’t think anyone would have a problem hearing the difference that I’m speaking of.

    <img> …………..My Question is……What effect is J using for the sound change????? I can’t say I have heard anything like it or maybe an effect used the way J does during this part of the song. I think it is really cool. <img>


    I did get one reply that suggests the effect is a Chorus effect.

    Thanks for anyones help. Chris

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    it’s the electric mistress flanger..turn the color, range and rate to the maxium. :)

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