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    In the spirit of the reissues and such, I was listening to my copies of the s/t and Living all over me and I was wondering what during possibly Dinosaur’s weirdest faze they were saying to the press. Does anybody know where I could read some interviews with J/Lou/Murph/ or any combo? I guess I’d be interested in reading anything up through around ’90 when Lou was ousted and Dinosaur sorta went more towards J doing everything. Thanks!



    hey attackjürgen, best you start with your researches in the following part of FreakScene.net:

    Dinosaur/J Reviews & Old Interviews/Articles

    there are quite a bunch of older interviews. But of course, in the time you’re interested in, there wasn’t much internet activity, and not everything from older mags has been put up online. so quite much material has been lost, I’m afraid.

    of course everyone here would find it lovely, if the one or other older magazine article or interview from way back would show up [hint, hint] :wink: :D

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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