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    hi there.

    Has anyone tried a e-bow plus?it´s a effect that works on the strings itself by producing an energy field that vibrates and sustain your guitar string…

    I wonder if this thing is similar to what the band Grandaddy use right before the chorus in the song: "summer here kids".

    Know what I am talking about? <img>



    I know something about ebow, not about Grandaddy use of it :)
    it’s a fabulous object, it helps u to create a great atmosphere! You can use it with reverb, delay and chorus, using different tecniques, so u can create many sounds, cello too.
    there is a interesting site about it http://www.ebow.com/”>http://www.ebow.com/



    Well I was probably wrong about Grandaddy. A tremolo pedal is more likely to be the sound I refered to… :D



    :mrgreen: I Own the original E-bow & the E-bow+, they are both awesome for adding lots of different sounds to recordings.Basically the E-bow plus is the same as the original but adds another mode that lets to hear a harmonic an octave up.
    This effect is perfect for simulating feedback and if you use other effts with it you can get keyboard sounds, etc.
    I even ran mine through an Electro-Harmonix Bass Balls pedal, controling the filter frequency by sliding the E-bow to and from the neck pickup.(closer to the pick up is louder) The Bass Balls is an Envelop Filter. :mrgreen: :idea:

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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