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    it’s a great time for everyone to sort of work the 3rd step….. :D
    Make a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understood God!
    That’s what lent is all about….once you give over to "God" and let go of ego then you die and are reborn as a spiritual person..it’s really tricky to do because life has so much bling…and blingy,ding, ding…that we keep getting pulled back into it…..So we celebrate the death and rebirth of Jesus at Spring time to symbolize the warmth and beauty that comes out of the Death of Ego…a rebirth to spiritual plane… you then rise to a higher state of consciousness. You don’t just get the top of the consciousness tree or climb the stairway to heaven in one day. It’s done by working on it, sometimes it goes two steps forward, one step backwards…it’s just really important to bring yourself back to "the light" of Christ and your Christ self….but like the first step in the 12 step program…you must have the feeling that your life needs it…. admitted that you were almost powerless to devote your life to any sort of meaningful spiritual life…but wanted to…knew somehow deep inside that this was the only way out of this Earthly situation.

    The only time Jesus loses his cool was during his "money in the temple" episode. This is where all dogmatic religions go, damn, where almost everyone goes this days (we go there because, it’s so easy for all humans to be pulled into the feeling that money is success, is pleasure, is safety is whatever you need it to be.) Money is the root of greed and who would have thunk it….that people would take the idea of Jesus and all that he taught and turn it into a human mess of a religion that we have in some churches today, turn it into the very thing that pissed Jesus off in the first place. Thank God, I’ve had the pleasure to know many super cool Christians who are walking a different path to God.

    You can make your God connection each day through prayer and meditation. That changes and trains your brainwaves to move in a different direction. Then you can navigate through all the day to day worldly things, easily sift through what parts of life you need to participate in, how life effects you and why, and what ideas don’t resonate with you or your family.

    Today…my husband got a rather large check in the mail…that had supposedly been in the mail…well, today was day 10. It doesn’t take 10 days to send mail from anywhere on this planet….and I was having an episode as to why anyone still wants to send anyone a check….because there are more efficient ways of transferring funds and I was dubious of the supposed "check in the mail". My husbands work/money flow is never consistent, it often comes and goes like the ocean..So, on Saturday, on day 9…I was having a bit of a money flip out and had to bring myself back to God….well, Thank God, my husband brought me back by saying to me on the phone….Girl, you are always talking about bringing your self back to the "light of Ja" and you are sliding down a dark negative spiral today you better go and get yourself grounded back to God and back in the seat of peace. I did…and the money came today…..so I got to get down on my knees, in the kitchen, with the check in my teeth and said…."thank you, thank you….Baby Jesus" cause you get to have fun with "religion" when God knows your heart. My kids love it when I thank "Baby Jesus" because they know, it’s my special way of poking fun at the beautiful ideas of Christianity that have become….strangely bastardized.

    I wanted to take time for lent to share my love of God/Christ (the light part of ourself that comes from God) ….since I had mentioned it in the suicide rant. Love you, love you my Freakscene Brother and sistas’

    PS. I hope this reads well, if anyone takes the time to read it because I don’t have time to go through and proof read…I’m on my way to the bank….with Baby Jesus in rear facing infant car seat…..thank you again Baby Jesus.



    the hardest things to give up during lent….would have to be anything with caffeine and internet porn….gives folks that extra impetus to get up and get going again.

    shhhhhh, the babies are sleeping…… :wink:



    This has been a nice Lenten season for me.I had a nice spiratural moment at communion last week, and took my meal in tears. The words "Do this in remeberance of Me" hit me hard, becuase when you think about it, Jesus knew what was going to happen to him. And he went through all that pain and torture for me.

    I think the moment was compounded by this week being Holy Week and knowing that on Thursday 2010 years ago all of this happened (The Last Supper, The Crucifixion , The Ressurection).

    I am looking forward to the various services this week for Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Vigil service on Saturday evening, and Easter on Sunday.

    My heart is full this Lenten season, and for me it has been the most spiritual one yet.

    Praise be to God. :D



    Soli Deo gloria!

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