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    What`s your fav duet or guest appearence songs?

    some of mine:
    Breeders-Do You Love Me Now Jr(with J)
    Throwing Muses-Dio(with Bob Mould)
    Silkworm-You Ain`t Goin Nowhere(with Steve Malkmus)
    Ronnie Spector-You Can`t Put Your Arms Around A Memory(with Joey Ramone)
    Guided By Voices-June Salutes You(with Kim Deal)
    Sonic Youth-Youth Against Fascism(with Ian MacKaye(Minor Threat/Fugazi))
    Red Red Meat-Chinese Balls(with Rick Rizzo(11th Dream Day))
    Buffalo Tom-Under Milkwood(with Carol Van Dijk(Bettie Serveert))

    I`ll think up more later



    Scott Morgan with The Hellacopers doing Downright Blue… <img>

    oh yeah…forgot one <img>

    Nick Royale on drums with The Hydromatics doing City Slang <img>


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    Bucky Ramone

    Morcheeba – What New York couples fight about (with Kurt Wagner from Lambchop)
    Primal Scream – Star (with reggae legend Augustus Pablo)
    Kirstin Hersh – Your Ghost (with Michael Stipe)
    Ryan Adams – Oh my sweet Carolina (with Emmylou Harris)
    Johnny Cash – I see a darkness (with Will Oldham)

    ….and a curious (and fun) one:

    David Letterman doing ‘background vocals’ (basically just shouting ‘hit somebody’…..) on Warren Zevon’s ‘Hit Somebody! (the Hockey Song)’

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    Bucky Ramone

    some more:

    Giant Sand – Johnny hit and run Pauline (with PJ Harvey, scary…. <img> )
    Nick Cave – Where the wild roses grow (with Kylie Minogue <img> )
    Nick Cave / Shane McGowan – What a wonderful world
    REM – Radio Song (with KRS One)
    Jane Siberry / KD Lang – Calling all angels <img>



    Bob Pollard and Kim Deal duetting on "Love Hurts"
    Elvis Costello doing "Veronica" with Paul McCartney



    DB-I should have remembered about that Hersh/Stipe team up,I heard a rumor that Kristin is going to work with Mark Linkous,sure hope that happens! <img>
    VF-Scott Morgan with the Hellacopters was definitely a cool thing <img>

    I thought up some more,these don`t have to be vocal appearences they could just be guesting on guitar or whatever:
    Tindersticks-Traveling Light(with Carla from the Walkabouts)
    Buffalo Tom-Impossible(with J)
    Giant Sand-Wonder(with Victoria Williams)
    Lucinda Williams-Essence(with Gary Louris(Jayhawks))
    Jimmie Dale Gilmore-Goodbye Old Missoula(with Julie Miller)
    Ramones-Substitute(with Pete Townsend)



    how can you forget that Ozzy Osbourne appearance on the Lita Ford album!!!! HAHAHAHA

    I jest..


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    Bucky Ramone

    One of the best guest appearances I’ve ever seen on stage:

    Preston School of Industry joining Wilco to do a great version of ‘TV Eye’ (…last month at the Melkweg, Amsterdam) <img>

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