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    Interview with J from DrownedInSound.com

    J Mascis darts me a stare as I flutter through the doors of the West London hotel we’re to meet in. He’s playing with a bottle of Perrier water and as I grin back, I notice a rumbling of nerves in the pit of my stomach – not because he’s the man responsible for fuzz rock pioneers Dinosaur Jr. (though I do fanboyishly blurt “I KNOW THE GUITAR SOLO IN ‘START CHOPPIN” BETTER THAN I KNOW SOME OF MY CLOSEST FRIENDS AND FAMILY!” as our conversation begins. Oops.) but because his interviews are notoriously… well, difficult.

    Read the rest: http://drownedinsound.com/in_depth/4145287-%E2%80%9Ci-ve-seen-a-lot-of-things-come-and-go%E2%80%9D-dis-meets-j-mascis


    Cool interview. Though we’ve heard a lot of this before 1. it never get old 2. there was a new tid bit, “I don’t get that same energy playing wit other people..” too cool.

    Life lessons I’ve taken from J are things like his love for hardcore, which I don’t share, but his inability to play that kid of music. It’s so interesting to me that he realizes his limitations and turn to the person her is. I totally take that to heart. The other thing is his laconic introvert demeanor. I don’t know many people like that, he’s one of the few. It seems to have given a sort of bad impression of him, but people have figure out for a while now that its just the way he is don’t take it person. If you see that he actually turns out to be pretty cool. Same with other people around you.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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