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    Not sure if this one was posted before….

    There is something strange in the air. Could it be the fact I’m hanging out in J Mascis’s dressing room with J and Kurt Fedora (Dinosaur collaborator on last couple of records)? Or could it be the fact I’m still shaking from witnessing two amazing solo shows by the people just mentioned? What do you say to a guy whose records have had such a large impact on your life?

    "Great show J you were cool!".

    Yeah that’s about the best thing I could come up with in the heat of the moment.

    A man with a slight belly, cowboy hat and guitar walks on stage, the audience clap and he plays acoustic songs which include some Carly Simon, Morrisey, Wipers, Lynard Skynard and some stuff by a band called Dinosaur Jr. Who is this slow talking, slow moving sloth-like creature? Why it’s J Mascis.

    ‘Flying Cloud’ and ‘Repulsion’ are recognized, so too are the dozen or so songs from the last two records which featured heavily in tonight’s gig. Not only is J amazing on his 6-string but is also kinda funny and entertaining as well. I want the set to go on forever, I want to hear the first three Dinosaur records played complete. Alas it does not happen and J moves slowly off stage.

    Backstage I found myself in a room with J. A two minute conversation follows where I ask questions and throw complements his way, and J mumbles stuff like "Yeh, ooh, I don’t know, yeah". OK he is not very interesting to talk to, it doesn’t matter he doesn’t have to be. Remember this is the guy who wrote ‘Forget the Swan’ and ‘Freak Scene’. Sensing I’m losing his attention I ask one final question –

    "So what’s up with you and Lou?"

    I think this is the final nail in the coffin. The reply "I don’t mind his music, but I just can’t stand the guy!". Before I have a chance to get the camera out for a quick photo he’s gone. Damnit, I must have scared him with talk of Lou.

    Kurt Fedora was, to say at the least, slightly more interesting to talk to and also isn’t a half bad guitar player either. The dressing room scene picked up (even though J still hung around) as guys from Buffalo Tom showed up. I ended up getting into an argument with Bill Janowitz about how crap Oasis are – he actually likes them!

    I hung around for about an hour listening to J mumble and Buffalo Tom doing German impersonations. All good thing must come to an end though and as I walk to the door I turn to J and say "See ya J". As a return gesture he attempts to lift his hand and mumbles something like "eeyardo" and I am gone. Oh well at least he tried to say something.

    Crazy Talk
    J Mascis: I might try and run through the store and take some records. (J talking to Bill Buffalo Tom about seeing them at Virgin Megastore appearance the next day.)

    Kurt Fedora: I think it’s a bummer they closed off Pensilvania Ave. (in reply to ‘What do you think of the White House?’)

    – Gareth

    original source : http://members.iinet.net/~davidk1/whitehouse/wh4/mascis.html

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