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    malcolm tent

    Any other Nardwuar fans floating around this forum? I’ve bought his DVDs and have discovered that he tends to divide people quite a bit.

    One of my favorite moments (from the Slayer inteview):
    " [your fans]They’re so devoted to you, they refuse to believe any-thing that is told to them about Slayer. Do you guys like yogurt at all?
    Jeff: I don’t.
    Tom: I do. (laughs)

    You like yogurt!
    Tom: With fruit! (laughs)

    There is this guy, Tom, in Tacoma, his name is The Mosher. Now, this guy in Tacoma, his name is The Mosher. He was told, I think he was told that Slayer eat yogurt! And he was like, "Slayer eats yogurt?! No way!!! No, that’s not what I believe! Slayer, Slayer eat… pussy, man!"
    Tom: Yeah, I do that too!"



    Doot doot!

    Ah yes, the human serviette. I haven’t watched his interviews in a while but I remember two interviews that I loved.
    1. When he interviews Lars from Rancid and they are wearing the same outfit.
    2. When he asks Oderus from Gwar why he sank Atlantis and he says "I needed to rush in the era of the railroad!" :lol:



    Ever notice how Nardwuar sounds like that Artie guy who sang with Dinosaur Jr on Lotta Love(Neil Young cover) and Feel A Whole Lot Better(Byrds cover)?
    Once Nardwuar interviewed one of The Go Go`s.He asked her if she ever had a Germs Burn. she said ‘No,but Darby Crash and Jello Biafra used to break into rich people`s houses and eat their food and wait til they come home and scare them :P

    SY and Nardwuar:

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xu0B898X6ow Xu0B898X6ow


    malcolm tent

    and of course, Jello Biafra also drew all over Nardwuar for most of an interview. . .

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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