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    does anyone know if j likes mogwai? i think i saw him at a show last week.



    don’t know if he likes them, but they both played at the 2002 all tomorrow’s parties festival in LA … and there’s some pix taken by OSX of j and at least one of the mogwai guys hanging out backstage … (sorry, but i don’t have the link to those, but i’m sure someone else around here could find that for you)

    by the way … where was the show ??



    Heres a link to OXS’s pics, the J pick with a Stuart from Mogwai is the last pic on the page linked to below…

    OSX’s Pics

    ps there are also seperate pics of a Mogwai show :aliensmile:

    pps moved this thread to dino 101 :wink:



    Stuart Braithwaite, guitarist of Mogwai, also names J when asked about his influeces. Quote from an interview on

    While citing Kevin Shields, Steve Albini, J Mascis and David Pajo as personal guitar heroes, Stuart also admits to having a fondness for old country and western music, especially the likes of Hank Williams.


    thanks for the link to the pics. my guess is yes then, that was j. it was in amherst, even more of a reason to believe it was him :)

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