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    empty canvas

    alright this is called a guitar room but a banjo is some sort of a cousin :P
    Anyway, I always loved this instrument’s sound since very little (heard it on some bugs bunny cartoons :D ) and now I’m thinking seriously of saving money to buy one.
    I never touched one, but it shouldn’t be too complicated I guess? I taught myself to play the guitar and then some months ago the ukelele (little cute hawaiian thing :!: ) as well, which have totally different chords but u learn after a while… but really, does anyone own a banjo and can tell me anything about this instrument?

    Gettin Rough blew me away the 1st time i heard it :D



    don´t seem like there are many banjoplayers around this board. But I am considering buying a cheap one on ebay. I won´t invest much money on a thing I ´ve never tried playing. I am sure it will be a fun thing to learn. I recently bought a lapsteel guitar :D on ebay. haven´t got it yet, but I am looking forward to that…


    empty canvas

    hey, what a coincidence!
    I hadn’t check this post for weeks (had no replys anyway :P ) but it happens that I got my banjo today, was really lucky to find one 2nd hand :D
    it needs a good cleanness and then I’ll add the strings… but anyway, I’m really happy!



    congratulation with your new instrument. I´ll let you know if I buy one myself. :D


    empty canvas

    hey, thanks simmons :)
    Let me know if you buy one too, and also if you’re happy with your lapsteel guitar!



    I just found this Dino interview out of 1997, where J talks about playing banjo (on page 5 to 6):

    …there is but one word to say. Banjos. "That’s the oldest song I had," explains Mascis about Gettin Rough, Hand It Over’s country-flecked setting for his latest guitar exploration. "I had the track for the last album but I couldn’t play it.

    I just didn’t have the finger-pickin’ abilities so I practiced for a few years, bought a six-string banjo from the ’20s and just threw it down."
    What?! Could this be The Idol mellowing after 12 long years of worshipping at the Temple of The Solo? The mighty Dinosaur Jr finally living up to their name and settling into country-rock blandness? "I thought they were all country rock," he retorts indignantly. "That was our original concept as a band. To play ear-bleedin’ country." That’d make a fine epitaph for your headstone.



    i’ve seen these weird six string banjo’s that were tuned and set up like a guitar, but had a banjo body..i found it funny….what do you tune your ukulele to? i do g-c-e-a but i have trouble keeping it in tune…


    The Chalupa

    I had a banjo when I was like 5 and would just strum the strings a lot but then my dad sold it or something. I can’t quite remember what happened to it. Oh well.




    have there been any banjoplaying lately?

    I still haven’t bought one, but will do one day.
    Have you tried chicking picking?. a picking technic where you use a plectrum and fingers at the same time. Very cool, but takes a lot of time to learn it. I just got some lessons from a guy who is very good at it.

    Albert Lee is a guitarist who is famous for that technic, but I also think Richard thompson has used it , but I’m not sure.

    the technic works both for six strings guitars and banjo.. and sounds very cool if you manage to play fast.

    I recomend you all to get the album ‘Red Handed’ by the norwegian guitarist Mads Eriksen.
    he’s just wild.. :)

    worth a check: check out the tunes from Red Handed and the song Storyteller taken from the album Storyteller (1991)
    There are some mp3 in the albumsection.



    James Burton does that sort of thing as well. It’s a lot of fun.

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