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    i had to spend all this money finding out who
    spiked my food .like that’s right. That was only 31
    years ago. but not today. haha

    it is not vey important

    a second grader crapping on a see saw
    then getting what he didn’t want in return
    just like them actors think they should get
    something for what they do. haha it’s all
    totally incredible. The motion of a swing
    doesn’t do to people, that.

    i’m trying to tell ya Jeremiah and his friends
    spiked my drink. He’s got two family
    members. Emily is not smart enough to crack
    the code in my name and create that recipe.
    Jeremiah and his friends still did it. Matt crept into
    the double wide at 5 am before my parents
    woke up, put the laxative in my morning break
    fast, and did not even emancipate to weigh
    my body before doing it. Annastefka and them, they’re
    the masons who dont do what sue did to ty.
    In other words,
    you’d have to be good friends with a Berry
    to as if freemasonry involved Becky.

    Then thee’s poor lunch lady/lunch man

    and natural gravities of…..see saws. Why didn’t
    they do it to the fat one instead of me. If it was John
    I would have shot him and Bianca by now.
    But that’s like shooting the pope because of his
    cred. Bianca is a Hebejebes, and they are still
    spelling her key ring wrong at the Flyiing J. They
    thought the radar. They wanted me to get them
    mixed up

    Elvis does not rule here. No matter how many
    times me and Ralph mentioned bring down those

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