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    Hi, I’ve been posting this everywhere that seems amenable. I seem to recall there were MC5 fans on this board so thought I’d throw out a line. I’m looking to replace two bittorrents of DKT-MC5 shows that I got off Sharing the Groove last year. Specifically, I’m looking for the June Washington DC show at the Black Cat (which I was at) and the one around the same time from Detroit (with John Sinclair). I had both of these, but due to a computer issue failed to get them burned off my hard drive before it went belly up. StG being history I’ve moved on to Dime but these arent in the old torrents here so I can’t ask for a reseed. Has anybody got these either as torrents or as hard disk B&P? Thanks for reading. I don’t DL a lot of live shows because I don’t have time so these are two of the only ones I bothered to grab last year, and I miss ’em a lot.



    Hello, we have a few MC5 fans here, I have some of the reunion shows on disc…

    DKT/MC5 Detroit @ The Majestik 6-10-04 2 discs

    DKT/MC5 Gothenburg Sweden 9-15-04 2 discs

    DKT/MC5 Live at the 100 Club London 3.13.03 (the levis show)

    I also have the Sonic Revolution DVD of the show at the 100 club, guest vocalists Lemmy, Dave Vanian, Nicke Hellacopter & more. It’s pretty pleasing, loaded with extras.

    if your interested in any of the old MC5 live releases with the original members let me know…I have more than a few!

    MC5 Phun City Festival 1970
    MC5 Kick Copenhagen 11-23-72 (MC4, no Rob Tyner)
    MC5 Live in NYC 1970
    MC5 Do It live My Fair Lady Detroit 1971 (Rob Tyner only with back up band)
    MC5 Black To Comm 1970?
    MC5 Human Being Lawn Mower ?1970
    Rob Tyner Band MC5 Bits live 1966 & studio outtakes

    purchased live shows

    MC5-Starship The MC5 live @ The Sturgis Armory June 27,1968
    MC5-The American Ruse (the pre-production rehearsals for the Back in the Usa recorded in July 1969
    MC5-’66 Breakout!
    MC5 Thunder Express one day live in the studio March ’72
    MC5-Teen Age Lust live at Saginaw Civic Center Jan 1st, 1970

    also have more Wayne Kramer & Sonic Smith stuff, including Sonics Rendezvous Band with Scott Morgan, Gang War with Wayne Kramer & Johnny Thunders, pretty much all of Scott Morgans stuff… :wink:

    Good to see you again!

    Let me know what your interested in, I can b & p what you want



    Wow that would be very cool of you! I’m pretty sure that Majestic Detroit show is one of the ones I lost. Would be thrilled to hear tht again! I’d be into some old stuff too though I don’t wanna put you out too much – I’ll PM you in a bit after I catch a train home and look at the list.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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