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    Randy Jane

    Ok, I want to know your opinions on this. Im not sure exactly what was said from the dixie chicks that gave them so much slack, Ive been told like 2 times, but I forgot. Each time I was told what was said, I thought to myself, you know, thats not as bad as what Ive heard "normal" people say on like MTV and stuff. Everyone has the right for their opinions, but I guess that superstars are supposed to say what people want them to say. Just like proffesional wrestlers are supposed to hit the bad guy and stay good or they will loose their fan base. Everyone that reads this also has his or her own thoughts about this topic, and I for one…being an American and happy about it, I dont really care what three girls say about our country or our president. If I were to care, and not like them, then I wouldnt like hardly anyone at all. There hasnt been one president that hasnt got slack, and jokes, and bad things said about them, so why now? Is it because its a sensitive subject? Because a lot of people died and hes trying to prevent it from happening again? There are a lot of hipocritical people in this world. You can hear them talking crap about something, then someone comes along and says it better or says more, and the person goes off, and doesnt like the new mudslinger. I dont know which is worse, we have the terrorists who hit like 3 buildings and killed around 50,000 people and tried to kill more, then we have Time and People magazine who had a centerfold of close ups of people falling from the building a few seconds from death. Personally, had any of those people pictured been a part of my family, especially my mom or dad, I would have sued the crap out of time or people and found the photographer and beat the crap out of him/her. Its pointless and disrespectfull, if your going to sit there and tell me about how bad these terrorists are, and then show me pictures of people from my country about to die…? what? Is it that they are trying to show me how bad and ruthless these people are? If so….well, the plane to first building showed me PLENTY. Im not slinging dirt around, im just telling you how I feel, im sure there are differences of opinions on this board….so, I wanted to tell you mine, and you can share yours….im not looking for a fight, so dont start lashing anything out…these are just opinions, not a reason to hate me.



    buckingham rabbit

    The Dixie Chicks said "We are ashamed our president is from Texas." I support them all the way because I share the same point of view, even though for different reasons. The Dixie Chicks are from Tex-ass, whereas I think it is a shithole.

    Really, this whole "scandal" is a joke and just shows what a bunch of reactionary morons so many people are.

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