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    I’m totally new here.
    Can someone give me advice where to find a fully discography of Dinosaur Jr, bootlegs also(w/pictures)??? Because I have a lot of 7",10", 12" ,EP’s, LP’s and CD’s and I would like to compare these hot stuff.
    Thank you



    I posted a discography that I made a while back. Follow this link and it will take you to the thread it was in. Scroll down a little bit and you should see it.;f=7;t=000054

    Since I posted this discography, the following have been released.

    Leaving on a Jet Plane:
    Sub Pop (single of the month club)(7")

    Free So Free:
    Ultimatum Records (CD and LP format)
    CitySlang Records (CD and, I believe, LP)
    Pony Canyon International (only CD format,with 2 bonus tracks)

    Everyone Let’s Me Down:
    CitySlang Records (7" vinyl)

    I hope this helps.

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    Welcome to the boards Leah <img> hope you enjoy the site <img>



    Hey Leah,

    Here’s a link to a fan site with some pics of albums, singles, booglets etc… Wibbles <img>

    When I read your post I was gonna go look for RD’s discography but seems I don’t have to <img> Thanks for that RD, best discography I’ve seen to date!!!

    Allison <img>



    thank you very much "RD" for your information. I’m working on a discography as well and I hope I can give more info’s later.
    J is going to come to Germany in November and I’m looking forward to this great venue. I saw him last year in Berlin "Cafe Zapata" (200-300 People) and for the first time I can remeber he came after the gig on stage to sign records and speak to fans.
    I hope he will do it this time again.
    Thank you



    Here from Leah an example of one Single:

    Freak Scene
    Form Year Comp RelNr Land
    7" 1988 Blast First BFFP 30 UK
    7" 1988 SST SST 220 US
    7" 1988 NORMAL NORMAL 89 GE
    CD 1988 SST SST CD 220 US

    Track Title
    1 Freak Scene
    2 Keep The Glove
    Notes: By SST some in yellow(limited)., lilac, purple, red, blue/grey, clear and dark blue vinyl.

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