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    i have this for trade please send a mail if youré interessted.



    i am VERY interested in this. You dont have an email address in your profile so i cant email you but i got lots of dinosaur VHS. Lemme know if you want anything

    DINOSAUR JR. (J, Lou Barlow, Murph)

    1986 Amherst MA (pro shot band practice at UMASS amherst)

    Tarpit / Kracked / Lose / Gargoyle / Raisans

    10/26/88 Germany
    (shot from the crowd definetely decent for its time)

    Gargoyle / The Lung / Let it Ride / Kracked / No Bones / Freakscene / Tarpit / In a Jar / Yeah We Know / Does it Float? / Don’t

    Short Lou + Murph interview from 1989

    DINOSAUR JR. (J, Mike Johnson, Murph)

    Interview With Murph and J from 1991 about 5 minutes

    8/30/91 Nuremberg, Germany (shot from the crowd decent quality good shots definetely one of my favorites)

    Severed Lips, Kracked, Freak Scene, Whatever’s Cool With Me, Water, Sideways Intro, Budge, Blowin It->Live for That Look, Keep The Glove Wagon, Thumb

    E: Lung, They Allways Come, Sludgefeast

    02/08/92 Austin, TX Liberty Lunch (some of the shots are from behind j and it kinda sucks but its still a good show, decent front on shots for some songs and good sound)

    Severed Lips / Kracked / The Lung / Freak Scene / Whatever’s Cool With Me / Water / Blowing It / I Live For That Look / Budge / The Wagon / Thumb

    E: They Always Come / Sludgefeast

    8/29/93 Reading Festival Berkshire, England (Decent bootleg shot from the crowd)

    Quest/ Just Like Heaven / Kracked / Start Choppin’ / Freak Scene / The Wagon / Get Me / Budge / keep the glove / Raisans / Out There / Thumb

    1993 MTV Europe (pro shot)

    Get Me / Raisans

    8/15/97 St. Malo France (pro shot for some paris tv show good quality)

    The Lung/ Cant We Move / Never Bought It / Out There / Just Like Heaven / Feel the Pain/ Get Me / Freak Scene / Alone

    8/17/97 Köln, Germany Bizarre Festival (pro shot)

    Lung / Cant We Move / Never Bought It / Out There / Just Like Heaven / Feel The Pain / Freak Scene/ Alone / The Wagon

    4/25/97 Washington, DC 9:30 Club (pro shot for HBO REVERB)

    Wagon / Blowing It / I Live for That Look / Never Bought It / Puke + Cry / Feel the Pain / Sludgefeast / Nothing’s Goin’ on

    11/23/97 Houston TX (shot from the crowd very decent quality 2nd generation)

    Just Like Heaven / Not You Again / Never Bought It / Cant We Move / Out There / Wagon / Loaded / Feel The Pain / Alone / Freak Scene / Sure Not Over You / What Else Is New

    E: Lung / Get Me / Raisans

    Dinosaur Jr Music Videos : Little Fury Things, Just Like Heaven, Wagon, Thumb, Whatevers Cool with Me, Out There, Start Choppin, Feel The Pain, I Dont Think So

    J Mascis + The Fog (J Mascis, Mike Watt, George Berz)

    3/26/01 St. Louis (good bootleg shot from the crowd kidna fuzzy picture but still very good)

    The Lung/ Where’d Ya Go / Back Before You Go / Everything Flows Medley / Just Like Heaven / Maggot Brain / Keep The Glove / Same Day / Waistin / Ive had it (black flag cover) / Repulsion / Little Fury / All the Girls / Ammaring / Loose

    E: Freak Scene

    J Mascis + the Fog 4/14/01 Charlotte, NC (shot from the crowd but real good quality the best j + the fog show i have)

    Wagon, Waistin, Raisans, Back Before You Go, Same Day, Alone, Budge, Lung, I’ve Had It->Repulsion, Ammaring, Everything Flows Medley, No Fun

    E: Maggot Brain, Just Like Heaven, Freak Scene

    J + the Fog TV Segment

    Repulsion/ Whered You Go? (music video) / TV Eye (interviews with all J, mike watt and george between songs)

    J Mascis Acoustic

    J Mascis Solo Acoustic Video 2001

    Thumb / Blowin It / Quest / Same Day / Keeblin / Ammaring / Little Fury / Flying Cloud / Keep the Glove / Throw Down / Repulsion / On the Run / Waistin / Not You Again /

    E: Get Me / Lung / Wagon / What Else is New?


    2/13/97 Pullman WA

    Brand New Love / Too Pure / Dreams / Careful / Rebound / Ocean / Dramamine / Freed Pig / S. Soup / Willing to Wait / On Fire / Soul + Fire / Together or Alone / Hillbilly II / Zone Doubt

    Reverb 97

    Flame / It’s All You / Sing Something / Plate O’Hatred / Dreams



    I’m VERY interested too! Please let me know what you’re looking for..



    where do you live, kaleido?



    why dont you transform those vhs to computer format so i can share them with the world ?



    cause i dont have the ways to do it



    i live in berlin/germany.i saw this gig in 87 supporting gun club and it blew everybodies mind.later i bought a complete video copy of this gig from the dj of this club.it is filmed from the audience , mostly from the first row so it is probably not illegaly filmed.picture is great,sound is not so good.i also have an audience recording from a different source in vg.
    this one mixed with the sound of the video would make a great improvement.
    if someone of you has the knowledge how to do this and make it onto dvd or svcd,i would give both sources to him.
    but before i do this i would like to swop it a few times to get something nice in advantage.
    another video i own is the german hardcore videozine"tribal area"with 2 tracks from dinosaur somewhere in 88,it´s filmed from at least two angles.
    i will send an email to everyone who shows interest in this topic.



    i have the ways to do that. my address is in your PM



    i am real interested in that german hardcore videozine"tribal area"with 2 tracks from dinosaur somewhere in 88 also

    [email protected]


    "anthony" wrote:
    i have the ways to do that. my address is in your PM

    I hope to send you something soon to put up on freesofree.com to share with the world…

    A very cool fan of J, Brendon P from Oz sent out a great tape that was recorded during his last tour, along with a couple songs from a previous tv appearance in Oz 8)

    Has a couple tv performances, one from The Fat show last year, Everybody Lets Me Down. Then a couple songs from a show called Recovery…Never Bought It & Sure Not Over You. Apparently the audio for the Recovery show is up on Blahs site.

    I’m gonna have the tape transferred to ntsc, hopefully they can also transfer it to disc for me. Will see if they can add the J & The Fog interview from Much Music Feb 2001, great interview with J, Watt & George :mrgreen:

    Huge thanks to Brendon for sending that out!!!



    kaleido: ok, i live in Norway,. I have the same videos as Kracked plus two-three acoustic shows. They’re ntsc so I can’t make copies of them. (europeans vhs players only copy pal format). I have though one extra copy of dinosaur jr promo videos. I can send that one if you’re interested. if not we can work something out by email.



    "sounds like a plan"



    great plans all around! :mrgreen: :!:

    big thanks to Brendon P for sending out the Australian tape!

    and also thanks for the great idea of combining the audio & video tracks of the 1987 gig, kaleido! I really hope it can be done, and can be put up on freesofree.net in some time, that would be so cool, if you guys could find an arrangement :D

    "kaleido" wrote:
    i saw this gig in 87 supporting gun club

    …wowww, that throws me over :shock: I’ve seen the Gun Club on Nov 7, 1987 in here Hamburg, no idea about the support, though. but alone the thought I could have seen Dinosaur in 1987 without knowing them back then, blows me away :shock: :shock:



    flying cloud: a complete concert chronolgy would have given you an answer. I found this one, unfortunately it lacks a bunch of tourdates. maybe someone can add more info/dates ? would be cool.



    I agree, that’s a very cool site, it was the first I checked, but no… :|

    by the way, wouldn’t it be great to continue this site? through the many gigs on freesofree.net, and other shows which are known, there are many shows which are not included there. maybe the email address of the owner still works? or has anyone else an idea how to contact him?

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