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    i have lurked on this list from time to time and didn’t see these mentioned anywehre yet. so i thought i would join in and post this note i just got from surefire, who seem to be the originating source for these:

    Dear Friends:

    Although we have never before engaged in a pre-order system for our mail order
    endeavors, we have also never seen the creeping demand for our records grow as
    quickly as they have for the upcoming reissues of the first three DINOSAUR JR
    records on vinyl LP (on four different colors). Therefore we are asking that
    those of you who plan on purchasing these records via SUREFIRE MAIL ORDER,
    pre-order your copies at this time. It now appears that we will have the
    records in hand and ready to ship to our mail order customers on November 11
    2005. By having the orders ahead of time we will be able to ensure that we have
    all the packing supplies, postage, and time necessary to process such a quantity
    of mail. To encourage your help, we will be offering the LPs at a lower price
    for pre-orderers (that is you!), and if you buy all three (the DINOSAUR JR
    PACK), you also get a FREE copy of the J MASCIS – FREE SO FREE LP. So sign up
    for yours today! and THANKS for your support.

    "DINOSAUR JR. put Alternative Rock into the mouths of so many of us. Be the
    first on your block to have the reissues on J Mascis’ own label, Baked Goods.
    Limited to 2,000 copies each; 500 on black vinyl, 1,500 on different colored
    vinyl. Each release contains bonus tracks."

    To order go to this link on the SUREFIRE website:

    American/Canadian Customers:

    Overseas Customers:



    damn-that link doesnt work for me ???
    s 8)


    mike williamson

    Anyone know if the bonus tracks on the VINYL are the same as the bonus tracks on the MERGE CDs?




    the site seems to suggest that the bonus tracks are the same as the merge tracks:

    start here:




    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you
    and a millionmore to go with them!

    I just ordered 2 sets one for me , one for my brother both of us have been listening to J’s wonderful noise for many,many years
    and I brought my wife to Central Park last summer to witness me going batshit to the gig!
    It was so much fun watching all us 30/40 somethings rocking out while all the kiddies were in a state of bewilderness!

    I have been searching for these albums (well the first two) for years and now they are rereleased on vinyl!!
    All I had was a tape of a tape probably of a tape!

    There’s hope for this sad ol’ world yet!

    By the way did I thank you…?

    Seamus ;D



    Mine are all on purple vinyl
    + free so free on black vinyl



    what are the other like ?



    Just got mine this evening!
    Dinosaur on red marbled vinyl
    Your living.. orange marbled
    Bug yellow marbled

    It took about 5 min from me getting home to dropping the stylus on Dinosaur- got to let the tubes warm up!

    Sheer Bliss! ;D ;D ;D



    I picked these up at the Ann Arbor show

    Dinosaur-Red Marble
    You’re Living All Over Me-Yellow Marble
    Bug-Orange Marble

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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