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    Well, I’m really excited for everyone who is going to go and have some fun in the sun. I was just down in FLA a few weeks ago and 80 degrees in January always does something good for my soul. J Mascis was just in Australia, so he’s had some fun in the Sun recently but….I’ve been sort of scratching my head at the unfortunate timing of the topsy-turvy cruise ship in Italy. It’s probably only me, but I always get “stresssed” by things like this….but on an upbeat note, the water in the Caribbean is much warmer this time of the year, so that would make it better in my mind. This has brought back a wonderful memory of mine. Once, I was flying home for Christmas out of New York City….and as I was preparing to leave in the evening….a snow storm started coming down pretty heavy. The flight was delayed and then they gave us the news that the airport was shutting down….the airline said it would try and help some of us make it onto the remaining last flights leaving that evening and cover the cost. We had to fill out some information in order to help them get our luggage back to us as it was already checked and on board. I was in super bummer mode, because I had been living poor in NYC and Christmas time was always pretty extraordinary, a time when your family made all that better with loads of presents, laughter, good food, hugs and kisses, etc.

    An older man said to me…”they are never going to find everyone in this line a flight, I’ve heard there are only about 10 more flights that are leaving out of here……quick…follow me and run”…so I did, and we were the last ones loaded into like a 20 seater business flight. All men in business suits, I was the only girl and of course, no stewardess or anything like that. The pilot told us via, the intercom, “congratulations….we were the second to last flight being allowed to take off”
    I would have to make some arrangements when I landed to get further along in my travels but at least I was getting out of the city.

    Well, it was the worse flight I had ever had. I’ve flown in small planes a lot as a child, but we NEVER flew in stormy weather. We were all bouncing up and down so hard that my boobs were sore, and I have an A cup…that’s how bad it was. Horrible. At one point, I was laughing to myself, because all the guys in their business suits looked like they were head banging. The pilot apologized and said that he was “trying to get permission to get out of this” . We were experiencing huge drops in altitudes and then you could hear the engine struggling to correct it’s lift. At this point, almost everyone had their head in their hands bent over at the waist. You could hear mumbling and moaning like some folks to in the bathroom when they are sick. Bounce,bounce,bounce…and then we heard an alarm coming from the cockpit. More sudden drops in altitude. Then the pilot came on and said….”the de-icers don’t appear to be doing their job so we are going to have to land this thing ASAP.” I had never been so scared and I needed a distraction…..as we waited to land…I reached into the pocket of my seat and pulled out a newspaper, the headline was big and bold and it read “Experts agree, passengers would have lost consciousness before impact over Lockerbie” I started to moan then….and loud.

    Well, we made it to Cleveland but just by the skin of our chinny-chin-chins. We landed in Cleveland and were down for only a few seconds, when
    suddenly we were headed back up into the air and at at such a yaw, that every body yelled, think carnival ride that spins your shit upside down….I was looking down into Cleveland and I was almost in an upside down position. The pilot said just a few words and I’ll never forget them..”wind shear…we are wrapping around and trying that again” When we finally landed, we had applause and one guy said….”the drinks are on ME”…..and all most all of us gathered to talk about what we had just been through. My luggage with all my presents for the FAM arrived the next day also…. MIRACLE.

    Oh, forgot to add, cruise ships must be fun, if not fun then very interesting, I think the key to success is to do a lot of hand washing. My husbands ex-wife was on one of those cruises where everyone got the “tummy virus” at the same time.
    Those kind of things happen in the Winter but…..I would still go….no, I wouldn’t, Gemini’s can get afraid of being stuck or confined. I’ve never wanted to Scuba dive for that reason….I suppose being an air sign makes me concerned about having my “air” limited to what I can carry on my back….but the Sun, the Sun, say “Hello” to the Sun for me and let it know I look forward to it’s full force return come Spring.



    I want to see pictures of the guys in their swimsuits playing shuffleboard….fo’ sure!



    Not too many shuffleboard videos on youtube yet but here they are playing Mountain Man on deck, greatness.


    ‘I’m on a boat motherfucker take a look at me
    Straight flowin on a boat on the deep blue sea
    Bustin five knots, wind whippin out my coat
    You can’t stop me motherfucker cause I’m on a boat’




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