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    Dinosaur Jr.
    The Neighborhood Theatre
    Charlotte, NC USA
    April 29, 2009

    club lights go out during Been There All The Time so J just starts soloing until they turn back on


    01. In A Jar
    02. The Lung (05:01)
    03. Been There All The Time (11:08)
    04. J. Mascis “Lights Out” Solo (15:25)
    05. Back To Your Heart (18:24)
    06. I Don’t Wanna Go There (23:12)
    07. Little Fury Things (30:50)
    08. Out There (34:30)
    09. Feel The Pain (40:25)
    10. Freak Scene (44:55)
    11. Forget The Swan (48:20) (Dedicated To The Milestone Club by Lou) * THE GHETTO FORTESS!
    12. Kracked (56:36)
    13. Sludgefeast (59:24)
    14. The Wagon (1:09:43)
    15. Repulsion (1:15:31)
    16. Just Like Heaven (The Cure) (1:19:17)

    J. Mascis – V/G
    Lou Barlow – B/V
    Murph – D

    Notes from Doodee who recorded the show

    “Dino Jr. bringin’ the volume. My first time catching the reformed original trio. Nice varied setlist between old and new and some ferocious playin’. Cool moment – near the end of “Been There All The Time” every light in the house went black and the emergency exit signs lit up. Oddly enough, the stage and PA still had juice. They finished the song and J. cut loose about a three minute solo in the darkness – a literal “lights out” solo. Won’t get that at every show. Brought a friend along and it was his first time seeing the band. Being a Dino Jr. veteran, I had the earplugs in tow and offered an extra pair to my bud. He turned me down but had some reconsiderations after the show was over. Sometimes you just have to let the young’uns learn for themselves. Y’all enjoy.”

    a flickr photoset from the show – http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/

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