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    Brief interview with J about gear & recording. J a skydiver & a hippie… :lol: :? :lol:



    By Jason Lally | July 2005

    J Mascis is a multi-instrumentalist, a skydiver, and well . . . basically a hippie.

    J Mascis is also an alternative guitar rock god.

    If you don’t believe me, just pick up any of the first three Dinosaur Jr., CDs, which have recently been remastered and re-released; or pick up my personal favorite Green Mind. If acoustic music is your cup o’ tea then try J’s solo effort, Martin and Me. Then fast forward to his latest project, J Mascis And The Fog, which includes the albums More Light and Free So Free. These CDs herald a triumphant return to the loud-ass guitars and creaky vocals that made early Dinosaur Jr. so . . . so . . . genius.

    Now, if after you have done your homework you are still not convinced of J’s guitar divinity then . . . you suck, so shut up . . . dummy.

    I recently had the opportunity to interview J. He sounded about as baked as a Deadhead on Haight St. . . . make that burnt as a Deadhead on Xmas. Or how about as fried as an onion ring dipped in mustard? In any case not all that thrilled to speak with me. But hey â€â€



    My buddy had this magazine and I was trying to figure out a way to post the interview. They didn’t have it on the website for a while. Thanks for finally getting it posted!

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