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    "ncb" wrote:
    I don’t feel like the Georgia Public School Systems are that bad. South Carolina was much worse. Sorry for the rant, but I felt this was very necessary. !

    Hey, I am sorry to bust in to this great reunion discussion (I do like the idea of the Dino-heads on tour, Hey, I’ll make the grilled cheese sandwiches and the beaded necklaces.) but NCB dude, you are correct this year South Carolina fell the the bottom of the list in the USA, Georgia is now second from the bottom. You say your brothers went to public school and they are now pre-med and pre-farm (I suppose your meaning was pre-pharm but who knows because UGA has a wonderful agricultural department but……
    Check this out from Saturday’s (04/02/05) paper. This happened at an ELEMENTARY school here in Athens. Dude, the little kids at St. Joseph’s are not doing this stuff yet. My daughter is about to be 11.

    Cocaine incident could have become tragedy

    A one-paragraph item from the Athens Banner-Herald reported an incident at Whit Davis Elementary School in which an 11-year old boy was charged with possession of cocaine with intent to distribute and possession of an illegal drug on school property.

    The cocaine was discovered by the classroom teacher and her aide, acting on information provided by a student in the class. Due to the quick thinking and responsible actions of the teachers and the courageous behavior of the student, a potential tragedy was prevented. The cocaine was found in the classroom concealed in a colorful bag, certainly an enticing object to a young child who could have found it and thought it was candy. A scary scenario, indeed.

    Our community can be proud of our teachers, who are dedicated to providing the best education they can in the face of the difficult, if not sometimes impossible, conditions they have to deal with on a daily basis.

    Ruth J. Carpenter

Viewing 106 post (of 106 total)

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