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    A friend of mine who works for a promo/distribution company just sent me this in (from Germany OX Magazine, a "serious" & well known Punk/Indie mag…):


    …J und Lou haben sich wieder zusammengerauft und werden im kommenden Sommer in Originalbesetzung ein paar Konzerte spielen. Ob auch eine neue Platte geplant ist, ist noch unklar, über Cargo Records wird aber der komplette DINOSAUR JR-Backkatalog neu veröffentlicht werden…

    — so, check your German :wink:

    I will translate the most important part:

    " J & Lou will play a few shows with the original line-up this summer…"

    there´s a new interview with Lou where he talks about it as well:

    http://www.nowtoronto.com/issues/2005-0 … ature3.php

    There have already been whispers of a Dinosaur Jr. reunion show. While Barlow hasn’t been on the best of terms with his former bandmates since 89 – when they told him they were breaking up, only to reconfigure with a new bassist in Australia weeks later – he sounds like he’s up for it.

    "I’ve met with J a few times over the last couple of years, and it was all positive," says Barlow, "so for me, the hatchet’s buried.

    "I know J’s manager has been making calls about a reunion, because he spoke to my wife and she volunteered me. We’ve got a baby on the way, so it seems wise to take any opportunity for some extra income."

    ___ WOW WOW WOW!!! :D



    Oh yeah, Lou´s new album emoh (Home) is out in Europe today (and tomorrow in the US)… pick it up, it´s really good – Jason Loewenstein (of Sebadoh) and also Imaad Wasif & Russ Pollard (of Folk Implosion) play on it, as well as many others. It´s more of a "quiet" record, feat. chello on a couple of tracks – oh yeah, it´s not lofi, but HIFI… ! :wink:



    You never know,it might happen :D :) 8)



    amazing find, Trensidoh! :o

    here’s the translation of the text in the above ox-magazine link:

    In the interview in Ox #52, Lou Barlow answered the question about a possible DINOSAUR JR Reunion: "no, I still believe I couldn’t bear that. He plays so loud, I can’t take it anymore." with which he means J Mascis, his former band colleague, of course. However, he added: "on the other hand: If he would ask me, I would do it ". And now it actually happened: J and Lou got together again, and they’ll play a few shows with the original line-up this summer.
    It’s still unclear, whether also a new record is planned, over Cargo Records, however, the complete DINOSAUR JR Backkatalog will be published again.


    wow ! :shock: :D



    It would be cool to see. I never saw the original linup only J, Murph and Mike so it would be cool. But its been a few years since Lou has rocked a bass all loud and what not. In one of the interviews here he says he can’t imagine playing a rickenbacher through a marshel and competting with J’s guitar anytime soon but it could happen. I think it would be great to coincide with the reissues but do you think Lou and Murph make any residuals off of those albums because if not why would they care if they sell at all. If they do I would like to hear:

    The Lung
    Severed Lips
    No Bones
    Does It Float
    Cats in a bowl
    In A JAr
    Little Fury Things
    Freak Scene
    The Post
    Yeah We Know
    Pond Song (not likely)
    Forget the swan
    Just Like Heavan
    THey Always Come
    Keep The Glove
    Let It Ride.
    Show Me The Way
    Bulbs of Passion

    I guess pretty much all of the songs except a couple from the fist three albums. 27 songs, thats about what the Pixies played and they wouldn’t play as many shows so they could do it. Unfortunately I would want to hear Get Me, or wagon or other post Lou stuff and they wouldn’t play that too but I guess I have seen that enough times this year already.



    I gotta sya i’d rather see Mike Johnson on bass, he’s a better player and a better songwriter (check out his 4 solo albums). He also plays and writes with Mark Lanegan, which makes he doubly cool in my book. I saw Sebadoh and frankly Lou Barlow just grated with me.



    I love MIke too but Lou Barlows bass is part of what defined Dinosaur Jr and made it what it is. There is no better or worse in music only personal opinions. And I think that Lou is definately a more prolific and diverse writer than Mike Johnson and I can’t really take Mike’s crash test dummy voice.



    from what i’ve heard, J’s manager keeps pressing the Dino reunion, against J’s wishes.

    I wish he would just leave well enough alone.



    I definately don’t want to see J get pressured into something he doesn’t want to do and I doubt he will allow himself to, and musically he has moved beyond since 1989 but for the fans and I think partly for Lou and Murph because of the way things ended it would be great. Also since J and Lou are on the same label it would be good cross promotion. They should do like ten shows
    San Fran
    Rhode Island
    and a couple of others. It would be a couple of weeks out of their lives that would make thousands happy and help to sell the reissues. Because why put them out if you don’t care about selling them.


    "sticksman79" wrote:
    I gotta sya i’d rather see Mike Johnson on bass, he’s a better player and a better songwriter (check out his 4 solo albums).

    thats cool i guess, but consider this… if you were to watch three stooges, would you want larry, moe and shemp? nan i rather have the original, larry moe and curly!!!!



    i get the nostalgia of Lou i suppose. How bout Van Conner then? :lol: [/quote]



    Thanks for posting the info Trensidoh, appreciate it.

    A reunion tour for the reissues would be absolutely amazing, fingers crossed it can happen. I can understand J’s hesitation though, it would probably have to include shows around the world…huge committment :!:

    We have another thread with Lou talking about the reissues, his respect for J & his ideas on a possible reunion tour…Lou talks about reissues & more :mrgreen:


    I can understand J’s hesitation though, it would probably have to include shows around the world…huge committment

    yeah + lou may have "buried the hatchet" so to speak, but that doesn’t mean they could handle a tour together ! :shock:

    maybe they should test the waters w/a one-off show in amherst … then take it from there …



    Good point :!:

    Of course they could do a one off internet extravaganza reunion show, availabale worldwide, wouldn’t have to be live, just record a show, have online access available for a fee linked with buying the reissues. The J Mascis & The Fog show from France, available online during the More Light tour, is incredibly pleasing quality for an online live performance, all purple, blue & sonic 8)

    ps does anyone still have the link to this show, think it was still available online late last year :?

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