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    Cool to see Dino as the head story but they have a pic of George and Mike Johnson who didn’t play on the first three albums but whatever. Was suprised to see they had that Corcraft song I mentioned yesterdy in the article.



    I saw that yesterday and I wondered if there’d be a big spike in people looking at freakscene since the webaddress was mentioned.

    I noticed the picture faux pas immediately, btw.



    wonder if they checked FreakScene & found that Corcraft show info… :wink:

    Heres the article from pitchfork…

    Rob Harvilla reports:
    Attention, adoring fans of Dinosaur Jr: Get off of eBay this instant. As Pitchfork previously noted, J Mascis and the (since departed) boys will mine the ol’ back catalog, releasing the band’s beloved first three albums– long out-of-print, alas– on Merge Records March 22nd. Dinosaur, You’re Living All Over Me and Bug will each feature a track or two of bonus material– the first album has a bonus live track, and the second and third each feature two videos. The original album art will be complemented by the usual pointy-headed thoughtful liner note commentary from Thurston Moore, Mike Watt, Robert Pollard, writer Byron Coley, and filmmaker Alison Anders. Furthermore, Mascis has remastered the whole shebang. Tracklists:
    01 Bulbs Of Passion
    02 Forget The Swan
    03 Cats In A Bowl
    04 The Leper
    05 Does It Float
    06 Pointless
    07 Repulsion
    08 Gargoyle
    09 Severed Lips
    10 Mountain Man
    11 Quest
    12 Does It Float (Live) *

    You’re Living All Over Me:
    01 Little Fury Things
    02 Kracked
    03 Sludgefeast
    04 The Lung
    05 Raisans
    06 Tarpit
    07 In a Jar
    08 Lose
    09 Poledo
    10 Just Like Heaven
    11 Little Fury Things (video) *
    12 Just Like Heaven (video) *

    01 Freak Scene
    02 No Bones
    03 They Always Come
    04 Yeah We Know
    05 Let It Ride
    06 Pond Song
    07 Budge
    08 The Post
    09 Don’t
    10 Keep The Glove
    11 Freak Scene (Video) *
    12 No Bones (Video) *

    * New/unreleased stuff

    Of course, Dinosaur Jr. themselves are long gone, but their guiding light rages on as J Mascis + The Fog, which played this year’s Modest Mouse-curated West Coast ATP and did a little solo tourin’ besides. Though that operation is likely shut down for ’04, East Coast J-philes can check Mascis out in another project: CorCraft, a new quintet featuring Mercury Rev’s Suzanne Thorpe. It’s unclear whether this is another full-fledged band excursion or a mere one-off, as only one show is scheduled for this year: Friday night at King’s Tavern in Saratoga Springs, N.Y.

    And if you get a chance, inquire about the stinginess of the bonus tracks on these reissues, eh? One song? C’mon now. Perhaps bring along one of those massive two-disc Pavement reissues as helpful counterpoint.

    .: Pitchfork Review: Dinosaur Jr: In Session
    .: Pitchfork News: Merge to Reissue First Three Dinosaur Jr Albums
    .: Dinosaur Jr/J Mascis + The Fog: http://www.freakscene.ne”>http://www.freakscene.ne



    "And if you get a chance, inquire about the stinginess of the bonus tracks on these reissues, eh? One song? C’mon now. Perhaps bring along one of those massive two-disc Pavement reissues as helpful counterpoint."

    Who are they saying if you get a chance, inquire to? As if the next time I see J I am going to say hey J why you being so stingy with the reissues. I think they are just that reissues. We have access to more live J stuff than he probably has himself. And I have heard 95% of everything he has recorded already. The only possibility is if their were some old songs that were recorded and not released but if any I think they would be from the Hand It Over era not 1984-1988.



    What happened to "Show Me The Way"? It looks like they added "Just Like Heaven" to You’re Living All Over Me but took the Frampton cover off.
    Hmmm. :?



    This is Merge records response to some of the questions about bonus material on the reissues, also talks about Show Me The Way…

    we’re proud to be reissuing these three records that, to us, were huge when they came out and are still hugely important today. i think they can be described, unlike most records that are casually given this title, as "classics". as such, having these albums in print and sounding great is in itself a reason for us to reissue these — even if there were no bonus tracks of any kind.

    the way these albums affected people when they were first released (when i’m sure most of us got them on LP) was without any of the covers or b-sides people are asking for them to contain now. For example, "Show Me the Way" was never on the album YLAOM, it was a bonus track the first time it appeared. Maybe that inclusion was against the band’s will and they’re rectifying that now? I don’t know.

    i love reissues that have tons of bonus stuff, and i understand not wanting to buy something more than once (it’s bizarre how now albums that only came out 2 or 3 years ago are already being reissued), but i have to say: if you already own these and you are happy with the way they sound, there’s no need to bitch and moan about it — just don’t buy them.

    as a label we were up for any kind of reissue concept as long as it didn’t impinge on the integrity of the original records. the final releases are the result of what the band wanted on them. i think there were two things going on with what the track listings ended up being: 1) a paucity of any kind of extra studio outtakes, etc. and 2) how happy / unhappy J/the band was with what did exist.

    there is a live track as you can see, and excellent live Dino recordings exist, but i think both J and Merge thought that a great live collection was a separate project — even gathering the material for these three albums has been a long process, and adding live albums to these releases would both raise the list price and would have meant that these records would have been out of print for at least another year.

    extra things are great, the original classic albums are the best, and the remasters sound great (J attended). we knew not everyone would be pleased but then, when are they? and i take it back about bitching and moaning — that’s what msg boards are for…

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