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    I’m on twitter and I’d love to get a daily dino lyric or chorus tweeted to me to brighten up my day …….. Wow, I’ll follow this guy or girl…..




    here his smile his direction is worthless
    mindless careless absence nervous

    im starving! im starving!

    brainless, pointless, childish, more of this
    he hacks them to pieces, throats, tongues.

    im starving! im STARVING!

    starving and I shouted, then it hit right from the sky!

    And now he’s well fed
    Go on, we’ve all seen ?

    Then a hand scattered flies
    “I’ll leave you alone”
    And suddenly everything is cool

    Lou i know you said you’d be reluctant to ask J the lyrics but man..this songs crazy…in an awesome way…that whole album..



    I love lyrics and I do sometimes wish I knew the background to them or the meaning……..
    But sometimes I even know I’m singing the wrong words, But they have come to mean something to me!

    Would be nice one day for J/Lou to give a little background on their tunes though!



    Whats That???

    If I follow this account there is going to be a VERY cool prize….!!! mmmm?
    Heard it here first dino fans.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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