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    I bring this question up since Nirvana is one of the nominees for induction this year. I have no doubt that they should and will be inducted next year. So it brings up the question should Dinosaur Jr. be in this conversation? Does their 8 year hiatus hinder things or J Masic as solo artist make a difference? I think Dinosaur Jr. had a major impact on the music of the 90’s and their longevity is un paralleled among bands that started in the 80’s through the present writing good music and putting on great shows. So how do we get Dinosaur on the ballot? Nirvana should push them in their acceptance speech, no?



    I have a rhetorical debate (in my head) about dinosaur (and J) being more commercially appreciated. On one hand I completely agree with everything you write above and all I want is ‘more’ in everyway. But once anything happens like the book or the new clothing line I feel it’s a little against the ethos of the band, I honestly don’t think J cares about anything (apart from financial benefits) on these projects and thats fair enough! (it’s a job in that respect) and I don’t think he would be fussed about being in the hall of fame….ironically I think it would mean more to Kurt having read about his almost bipolar relationship with fame.
    So in my opinion I wouldn’t want to see it (yes without a doubt they deserve it) but by not being in it I like them just a little bit more.
    Really good question! I hope everyone has their two cents/pence on the subject. 🙂


    Looks like they tick all the boxes to be in! So yes it would take something like a push from other artists who vote to get them on the ballot.



    Dino is`nt well known enough for it I would assume so I doubt it would happen.I was surprised The Replacements made it since you could ask 100 people on the street and I bet only a few have heard of them.

    Funny little tune about the RnR Hall Of Fame:




    I typed this with thumbs at the gym so excuse the incoherence but its an interesting question and discussion so here’s my (sweaty) two cents–

    The people who vote in bands to the RnR Hall of Fame are like the mansion cadre in Eyes Wide Shut. They control the vertical and the horizontal and their parties are by special invite only. I think Paul Kantner said something about how if you knew who does the voting you wouldn’t feel honored to be inducted into the HOF. Dinosaur Jr seem to be independent (to a degree) of the big industry end of the music biz so they’re not going to be on the radar of the HOF committee, for that reason and many others. Independent, as in you’re not getting interrupted and called to go upstairs when you’re getting your groove on.

    Also, as its a hall of FAME most of the inductees have a measure of mass popularity. Dinosaur Jr belong in the pantheon of great bands of all time and they’re musicians’ musicians who are more well known than some bands and millions (?) of people get off on their music but, as has been pointed out, that doesn’t mean they’ll be recognized by the music industry as the influential and great band they are.

    Dead Kennedys were asked to play the Bay Area Music awards in the mid 80’s or so when they still had the Bammies (maybe they still do) and they dressed up in skinny ties with white shirts and a big “S”on the front of their button down shirts, forming a dollar sign and did a rework of the Knack’s “My Sharona”, changing it to “My Payola” and made the gloaty industry dudes in the front row very uncomfortable. If Dinosaur Jr gets inducted to the Rock n Roll HOF they should wear Venetian masks and robes for their performance and acceptance speech. Don’t rent a cheap gilded mask or come in a cab or They’ll Know.



    I think from that era, Sonic Youth has a better (although still pretty slim) chance. SY always got more critics swooning. That said, I would love to see Dino inducted. It always drives me nuts when people say the Pixies invented the whole loud, quiet, loud thing on Surfa Rosa… It’s from the same era, and they’re both from Boston, but You’re Living All Over Me was first. Dinosaur should get at least some of the credit!



    They could play the above TJSA tune at the induction ceremony or Pull My Strings:




    I HOPE NOT. Either the whole band or just J said they only wanted to do 3 albums. I realize a lot of people listen and do think they are the greatest rock band but can they get thru the crowd of maturity that judges these things. Dinosaur sorta advanced, even if, well if I thought their lyrics were somewhere between the smiths and bad religion. If I had to draw a comparison. But I don’t want them to be in the hall of fame. imho

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