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    Mr. Dreamwhip

    Dinosaur Jr. recently posed with cans of Boy Howdy beer over at CREEM Magazine. Check it out: http://www.creemmagazine.com



    Interesting. I’d like to try some of that beer.



    Photo by Robert Matheu

    :D … cool find!! :D


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    Profession: One party guy, one walking emotion, one three-toed sloth

    Hobbies: Collecting little fury things, preparing a fancy four-course sludgefeast

    Last Book Read: Reunited, and it Feels So Good, by Peaches N. Herb.

    Last Accomplishment: Being in the same room together.

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    Profile: From its inception, Dinosaur Jr. was the most ear-shattering, thunderclap-of-the-gods power trio since Blue Cheer. These punk rockers pulled some of the artifacts of classic rock out of the closet and reminded us all why we like guitar solos so much. They might have been the original cash cow of Alternative Nation, but decided in a very public row instead. Now, after 16 years, the original band is back for a reunion tour. Can you feel the love?

    Beer: Boy Howdy!



    What the fuck…I have never heard of that beer before in my life. I bet it rocks.



    i got and saved some CREEM mags from the ’70s around here somewhere…
    and of course there ain no reel ‘BoyHowdy’ but they had some promo along time ago where you could win a sixer of BH…not sure what it tasted like-got a feeling it had some IRON CITY in there :wink:
    s 8)



    that must be good beer becauyse that is actually J and Lou standing next to each other and they’re smiling!~ i’ll bet Boy Howdy is much like the whil-o-whisp of lagers, LUCKY Lager ….. a damn good lager!@



    There is no BOY HOWDY beer. It was just a joke that CREEM had to get bands to pose for their ‘zine!

    I have every CREEM issue from 1974- 1983. Best ‘zine ever. Let’s hope they can get the magic back, but most music sucks today, so it’s doubtful.



    theres a lot of new stuff coming from der sweeden and finlandia !!!!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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