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    Dinosaur Jr
    Gods of Thunder

    Creem Magazine
    original source: http://www.creemmagazine.com/BeatGoesOn … r0508.html

    God, this is surreal. We’re backstage at Detroit’s Majestic Theatre, and there’s J Mascis, soaking his hand in a bucket of ice after a blistering show, struggling to muster the energy to respond to an introduction from your intrepid reporter. And there’s Murph, shirtless and shaved-headed, all skin and sweat, pink like a baby mouse. Lou Barlow has already changed out of his stage duds into fresh clothes, and he’s already soaked the new outfit thanks to the blazing heat outside as well as the exertion of the show he just played.

    Knowing anything about the acrimonious breakup of the original Dinosaur Jr., that scene is surreal enough. But alongside Barlow is his wife, Kathleen, and the couple’s adorable baby Hannelore. Jason Loewenstein from Sebadoh is also in the house, having blasted out a killer opening set.

    This friendly, family-like vibe is surreal because the breakup of the original Dinosaur Jr. was legendary for its soap opera-style melodrama. Barlow was rudely dumped from the band by being told they were breaking up, only to discover that they just meant they were breaking up with him. He shot back with reams of songs filled with spite and bitterness while a less-powerful version band continued.

    Now, here it is, a decade and a half later, and the original trio is back on the road, touring behind reissues of the first three albumsâ€â€



    Great article, thanks for posting it… :)

    fav line…

    Reunions are either pathetic cash grabs or joyful reminders of a continuing greatness. Dinosaur’s reunion falls squarely in the latter camp. [img]http://www.clicksmilies.com/s0105/grinser/grinning-smiley-003.gif[/img]



    that’s so well-written! refreshing to see that some journalists still have class ;D



    holy crap did these guys just get back from KLAATU 9 or something.. where has all the cool shit been hiding.. you sure dont get this quality of coverage in any of the other rags…. next thing you know licorice pizza is going to be coming back.. cool beyond words

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