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    Don’t know if this is posted already:

    So you thought the glory had ended. With the reissues lauded and the reunion tour a revelation for those still sucking their thumbs in the 80s, it seemed Dinosaur Jr. might be content to call it a day before they start inflicting bodily harm on each other. But it looks like J Mascis and Lou Barlow are still getting along well enough, because the band has announced four more live dates, in Chicago and New York. This will be the first time the Dinosaur Jr. reunion train will have stopped at indoor venues in these cities, since the band played open-air shows this summer. Remember: no roof, no rock.

    The two NYC performances will be recorded for subsequent release on DVD. Apparently, the taciturn, allegedly passive-aggressive Mascis has not alienated his family either, because the DVD will be directed by Gold in Berlin, a company run by Mascis’ brother-in-law Phillip Virus. The DVD is slated to be available early next year, and will feature backstage material from the reunion tour, including interviews and various other juicy tidbits to which only family members can gain access. Family members and their film crews, I guess. Dates:

    11-29 Chicago, IL – Metro *
    11-30 Chicago, IL – Metro *
    12-02 New York, NY – Irving Plaza
    12-03 New York, NY – Irving Plaza

    * with The Ponys

    But why do we have to wait a whole month for the shows? Well, Lou Barlow’s still got some Spanish and Portuguese fans to please, that’s why. The formerly ex-patriate Dinosaur Jr. bassist and Sebadoh/Folk Implosion/Sentridoh emoter is still touring in support of his latest solo LP, Emoh, released early this year on Merge. Spanish calisthenics:

    11-04 Castellon, Spain – Tanned Tin Festival *
    11-06 Zarautz, Spain – Gazteleku
    11-08 Cadiz, Spain – Aulario la Bomba
    11-09 Huelva, Spain – Universidad
    11-11 Lisbon, Portugal – Galeria ze dos Bois
    11-12 Porto, Portugal – O Meu Mercedes
    11-13 Madrid, Spain – Cafe de la Palma

    * with Hella, Howe Gelb, Archer Prewitt, Alasdair Roberts, 12Twelve, Windy & Carl, Herman Dune & Julie Doiron

    J. Mascis is playing drums in a new band called Witch, which also includes members of freak-folkie crew Feathers. Witch recently signed to stoner haven Tee Pee Records, and are in the process of recording their debut album. They have one live show scheduled: 12-08 New York, NY – Bowery Ballroom *

    * with Dead Meadow

    And if you want to read what Mascis has to say about a dead country-rock legend, check out Grievous Angel: An Intimate Biography of Gram Parsons, coming November 1 from Thunders Mouth Press. Other interviewees include Conor Oberst, Elvis Costello, Willie Nelson and Steve Earle. Watch out for flying burritos.

    Info: Pitchfork

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