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    buckingham rabbit

    in this interview (http://pitchforkmedia.com/interviews/s/silver-jews-02/), berman, of the silver jews, is asked what albums he would put in his ‘ultimate bar jukebox.’ YLAOM is the first thing he lists, though its not necessarily ranked.

    this is definitely my favorite dinosaur album, and i dont understand why so many people here like ‘where you been’ the most (nothing against that one, mind you).



    Bug is my fav but that`s because YLAOM was`nt around here when I got into Dino.Not everyone likes Where You Been it seems,some music critics hate it,some love it,fans seem to be split on it too.
    People are always going to debate about what album of whatever artist is the best,it `s a matter of taste.
    I put Where You Been and Green Mind over YLAOM,there`s nothing wrong with WYB and GM,not a bad tune in the lot.


    ham steak

    Hey. I’m just a lurker but I have to say that the new Silver Jews album is great. To put that in perpesctive: YLAOM rocks my horse and Hand It Over Is wonderful. I didn’t like GM when it came out but I was an arrogant pud back then. Not like now. <img>



    to me where you been is awesome. the order of the tunes are perfect. the slamming combo of getme followed by drawerings is unbelievable. goinhome followed by iaintsayin, total coolness.that album is truly one of my all time favs



    Hey BR,

    YLAOM is my current fav, think Bug and that one get the most play in my world. Still would find it very hard to actually identify an absolute fav out of all J’s amazing stuff.

    Allison <img>

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