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    Just got back home a little while ago from Atlanta. Holy crap that was an awesome show! We got there just as doors opened and were right next to the stage… RIGHT next to it. There was no buffer area or whatchamacallit around the stage.

    We were on the left hand side of the stage, right in front of J. What a treat. A couple of songs in, his D string busted and hit my wife, so we’ve got a guitar string. After the show, one of the stagehands threw us one of J’s guitar pics.


    Not sure about a setlist, but the songs were very similar to the ones somebody listed as being played in Orlando.

    Does anyone have a recording of it? I would love to get a copy of it.

    *ears ringing*




    Here’s the setlist docktora posted it on the loobiecore forum.

    Dinosaur Jr.
    Variety Playhouse
    Atlanta, GA

    In a Jar
    No Bones
    Tarpit (highlight)
    Forget the Swan
    Yeah We Know
    Bulbs of Passion

    Just Like Heaven
    Freak Scene

    E 2:
    Does it Float



    man what a loud show, my ears are still ringing. i figured that that string hit someone,embedded_c . It looked like it hit J in the face also when it broke,hence the way he jerked from the guitar and slung it in one smooth motion. thanks for the setlist kracked873

    it was so good to see a real rock and roll show,like it used to be,man i miss those days



    The show was awesome. They definitely had the amps turned to 11 though, my ears are still ringing. The set seemed short, but I think it was just my perception of things – if it were up to me, they’d still be playing.



    J’s Facemelting solo’s were on fire. I had a great time at the show. The place was packed. I enjoyed the setlist a lot. Wish i could have heard quest or littler fury things, but i was quite happy with what i got :)



    i cant wait for the show here in san fransiskee in august.
    that said and after waiting all these years, i just know it will come and go so fast that i’ll have nothin but weak memories and shit.
    you peeps who are seeing multiple shows are a very lucky bunch.
    s 8)



    Hmmm… Kentucky is probably close enough that I could go to it too.




    embedded_c, thanks for the impressions and the pic :D
    hope the guitar string didn’t either hurt your wife, or J :shock:
    that’s just right you two got the string, at least.

    thanks also for the setlist, sounds like a great show!

    and yes stanner, I can confirm that it’s good to see them more than once.
    I mean, seeing them once, is like having the time of the life, but more than one show lets you see more of the details, too. hope you’ll have another chance to catch them, if possible. but this way or the other, I wish anyone a great time at the current US shows!



    Show is available for download via Bit Torrent over at bt.etree.org




    I liked how J had a new guitar after that break in a matter of seconds. Go Kevin!

    Also, Lou broke a string at one point too…

    Amazing how J’s guitar filled that room. I didn’t think it was as loud as seeing them in a small club, by any means, as I actually walked out of there with no ringing ears and I was just a few folks back from J.

    I think they really started hitting their stride around the time of Repulsion or maybe even No Bones. Great to hear Lou sing a couple songs (or yell rather.) Murph was amazing to watch drum.

    All in all, it just went by too quick. But it was great. Watching J puts me in a trance…he just SHREDS it. But you all already know that…

    Thanks for taping William, Sloan & Chard!



    embedded_c: i was standing right next to the bass/subwoofer massive speaker stack also directly on the left hand of the stage, did you notice a tall goofy looking kid with a blue shirt?

    awesome show!



    I thought I was the goofy tall guy in the blue shirt? Haha. No not really; I know that we were talking to two guys from either North or South Carolina while between sets for the opening acts. If that was you, then yes I remember.

    And yes, it was a great show! My ears have finally recovered.

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