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    Hi all

    I just wondered if anyone had ever approached the band or their label to release the full audio of this show which (I assume) is where the recordings for the live tracks which were issued as b-sides on the “Out There” single originate? Or maybe if there is an official promo recording that someone has tracked down?

    I’m guessing this was the show the b-sides came from as the set list (at https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/dinosaur-jr/1991/saint-andrews-hall-detroit-mi-33dd8c19.html) shows “Kracked” followed by “Freakscene” and “The Post” followed by “They Always Come” and on both b-sides you can hear these ‘following’ tracks starting as the main track fades out. Also, this show featured both “Thumb” and “Keep The Glove” which were issued on the “Whatever’s cool with me” b-sides so I wondered if they came from the same show?

    The sleeve notes on the singles are rather sparse and don’t state where the live recordings were made (as far as I can tell).

    Any info or thoughts appreciated!

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