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    Wow, I almost thought they wouldnt come to Pittsburgh (like so many other bands), but here they come! Too excited. Anyone know what thier setlists have been like as of late? I just can’t wait to find out.



    Good to hear you’ll get to see them. I was fortunate enough to see them twice over the summer. Awesome shows. The set list will be all from the first three albums. Some like to complain about this but they were the albums with Lou and it really wouldn’t be fair to him to play later stuff. There have been rumors that they’ll play The Wagon at some point but I wouldn’t count on it.

    Anything from the first three albums is fair game but I’d say don’t expect:
    -Pond Song
    -Let it Ride
    -Don’t (Though they apparently did play this once)
    -They Always Come

    There may be a few others they shy away from but these are the ones that come to my head.



    i wouldnt say NOT to expect don’t or lose considering now that theyve played all of YLAOM anything could be fair game from that album. and dont was play twice i think if i remember right.



    Wonder why they dont like to play "lose" or "let it ride". I can’t say that I’ll miss "They always come" though. I could never get into that song.



    Let It Ride would be a nice addition to the set list, I saw them twice over the summer also and they pretty much played everything I wanted to hear plus Mountain Man and Chunks! I love when they play Raisans….



    …"They Always Come" is a killer song, if they play it in pittsburgh i will wig out, in a good way, well not wig out but i will be rocking out even harder than usual, can’t wait to see these guys again, thought it was over but now they come closer to me than ever, can’t freakin’ wait…


    "andyfest " wrote:
    Anything from the first three albums is fair game but I’d say don’t expect:

    There may be a few others they shy away from but these are the ones that come to my head.

    far as I can tell, they haven’t played or have only played once or twice …

    Cats in a Bowl
    The Leper (once, according to Kath. It’s the song I’d KILL to hear)
    Pointless (again, I’d lose it)
    Poledo (played once in London)
    Show Me the Way
    They Always Come
    Let it Ride
    Pond Song
    Don’t (played twice – Seattle (?) & London)
    Keep the Glove



    I really wanna hear They Always Come and Keep the Glove, two of my fave. Dinosaur songs.



    Oh yeah, I left out Keep The Glove which I’d love to hear. I knew there were some from the first album I missed but couldn’t think of which ones. Thanks, arleach.



    By the way, anyone know what merchandise they are putting out at the shows? I read a thread from back in the summer, and I was wondering if it changed at all for this little tour addendum. What cds are they putting out, and for how much? Is any of J or Lou’s solo stuff going to be there?



    …ears still ringing, probably for the next few daze or so but what a freakin’ show, to the details…

    set list

    the post
    forget the swan
    no bones
    little fury things
    the lung
    in a jar


    the wagon

    Show was great, second reunion show i saw, think the Cleveland show was a bit better but it was worth showing up just to hear the Post. Got a front row spot right in front of Lou. Visually it was perfect, whole band in front of me and so close i could taste the perfection of those three kids rocking out harder than any other band, but sound mix wise i was a bit heavy on the bass, it was hard at times to hear J and the vocals were distant on both ends. A bit into Kracked Lou blew out his amp, it was one of the highlights as J and Murph just kept on tearing through the song, Murph was locked in all night as usual, J half watched Lou try to figure out what was wrong with his set-up as he took Kracked places it hasn’t been before but in the casual make it look easy way only J can pull off. He seemed to be more into the Cleveland show but not to take away from last night. Forget the Swan was another highlight, and the Raisins closer rocked the former church the show was at to the heavens. Lou ended up using the Moldie Lemon’s bass amp for most of the show, post Kracked. Moldy Lemon were fun, they are a power trio but they use crazy keyboard, moog, at times and played a doors song, run with me lryic all i know, i wore earplugs for them so Dinosaur Jr. could blow out my ears proper and they did. Lou is a madman, his blowout bass amp is proof. J is a god, plain and simple. Murph is what ever rock and roll drummer should aspire to be. After a nice to hear yet sloppy Wagon Lou crumpled up his set list in a ball and threw it to the crowd, i have never been more happy to have long arms as i retained the best soveinger out there, i’m now two for two in set list retrival at re-union shows. I thought Cleveland was my last jloumurph show but now i know never to say something without allowing time to present all possibilites possible…



    So pleased The Wagon has been added to the current set, can’t wait for it to show up on fsf.. ;).

    Thanks for the review & setlist, gotta love the 2-2 setlist deal!



    set lists are so fun to have, oh and the doors cover that Moldy Lemon played is called "Not to touch the Earth" it is on Waiting for the Sun and Absolutly Live. The more i think about Moldy Lemon the more i think they were good, very intense at least, great cover at least, and i really don’t dig the doors that much. My ears are still quite ringish, but at least i can hear most music fully, i swear on the ride home from the show i listened to Martin and Me and heard a non-existant bassline, it was like the resonating of Lou’s bass from the show carried over to the listening of J’s solo acustic album, everything else i played sounded like the chipmunks sticking there fork holding hands into a light socket while performing inside a revolving blender. If nothing else Dinosaur Jr. is the loudest band ever, amen and thank you J, Lou, and Murph.



    My ears are still ringing also. And its "Modey Lemon", not moldy.


    "tom_in_chicago " wrote:
    The Leper (once, according to Kath. It’s the song I’d KILL to hear)

    I know we got it in Norfolk. I just went and looked at the setlist I had from the show to make sure. I didn’t realize it was a rare play at the time.

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