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    funny, no posts on lastnites epicness…
    i had a wonderful time-they played their asses off for the soldout Fillmore…
    dont have the setlist-i saw one of the roadees give a couple copies away…
    "yeah we know" was the highlight for me along w/ "…get the schwann" and the guitar power of "moutain man"!!
    the mosh pit w/ its FAKE slam dancing was a distraction…what posers ::)
    my mind wondered about what kind of music would have come out of these wonderful musicians had things been a little different back in the late 80s…
    oh well, i was so happy to see the original band one time in full effect…
    time stood still :)
    sound wasnt as loud as J shows of the past… and he had some kind of Fender amp up there which i havent seen before-it gave clarity to the notes and noises, and that feedback loop he got going leaning the guitar up against the spkr cab and walking away was crazygreat.
    (hope they come back again sometime ;)



    yeah we know, shit yeah, lucky bastards

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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