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    ran into this online….
    cameras at the ready if you’re heading to the show in Washington !



    I entered. Wish me luck as I’m gonna need it.



    Hey wishing you luck……Today, I was enjoying spending most of it with my almost 17 year old daughter….all of my other kids are out of state with their Daddy. I have a background in film (went to film school etc. work in post-production for years) and my good friend Kiyo Kato, who lives with me now was telling me…you are such a fan and so good with a camera…you have to submit an entry! Well, I talked about it with my daughter…and we laughed to the point of almost wetting our pants because…
    1) I already have tickets to see the show in Atlanta the next day and I can’t see myself doing this (if I were to get a spot) and then getting up the next day and making my way back to Atlanta and trying to enjoy that show. I would be exhausted. Then we laughed because I realized, and pointed out that the band would be doing the same trip down to Atlanta. If I were in Dinosaur Jr. I would have to call in sick the next day for the Atlanta show because, seeing how I would have just played a show the night before in Washington, DC, you know I would be tired, that’s a bit of a “jitney run” and F*ck, am too old for that, I would need a night off to regroup.
    2) I imagined explaining to my husband…how I now needed him to watch the kids for the whole weekend (I’ve been out of town for three of the four past weekends already!) and oh, yeah, I’m about to drop even more Benjamins on Dinosaur Jr. than I have already done with my trip and tickets to Atlanta, with airfare and a place to stay in DC.
    My daughter and I took turns imitating my husband’s face and words…like……OH, H*LL F*CKING NO”,”ARE YOU F*CKING SH*TTING ME?” and “THAT’S NOT GONNA HAPPEN”
    That’s not to say he’s not one of the nicest fellows on Earth…it’s just, he can get real fired up about things.

    laughing way to hard with my little one…she came up with…Ben-jamin’ in Washington, DC….I didn’t think so. I love life, it’s so entertaining if you make it so. ; )



    here’s mine:

    could use some views, thanks folks. good luck to all. i’ll try my best to get some close ups of J’s beard

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