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    On wednesday the swedish site http://www.minradio.se/gimmeindie/ will send Dinosaur and Built to spill live from Tyrol, Stockholm. I’m not sure when it starts, but it will probably be more info on the site closer to the gig.
    The site is in swedish, but I will post here when I know more about it.



    Excellent, that’ll be the perfect warm up for their Oslo gig on friday. Thanks for the heads up, mind_glow !



    Built to Spill on stage 20:15 and DInosaur 21:45.
    This is swedish time.

    Enjoy. As Robert said, a good warm up. I’m goig to see them tomorrow.



    thanks mindglow. Seeing them Saturday.



    The Dinosaur Jr set is now streaming here: http://www.minradio.se/gimmeindie/live/konsert/dinosaurjr.html”>http://www.minradio.se/gimmeindie/live/ … aurjr.html

    Kudo’s to the good folks at http://www.bleemusic.com”>http://www.bleemusic.com for allowing them to make it so :)



    Great, thanks. Downloading it right now. One big MP3, but I’ll split it up in Audacity.

    Saw them the day after this gig. It was amazing. It was an outside gig on Siesta Festival.
    The band seemed to have a great time, Lou talked and danced a bit and J seemed to really enjoy it.
    And Built to spill was great too, they playd like 2 hours before Dino and the sun was still up. So it looked kinda cool, Doug with his sunglasses…

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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