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    I just saw this small blurb about Dinosaur’s reunion on pollstar. Nothing new really, just thought you guys might want to read it. :)

    A Loud Beast
    Lumbers Back To Life
    Updated 02:06 PDT Thu, Apr 21 2005

    About a million years ago (OK, it was probably 1987), a couple of Pollstar staffers-to-be got their ear drums blown out by one heck of an awesome, hellaciously loud band playing in a teeny-tiny nightclub. It was great
    For a certain strain of alternative rock fan, Dinosaur Jr. is and always will be the power trio of J Mascis, Emmett Jefferson "Murph" Murphy III and Lou Barlow.
    They blew the minds and ears of anyone who ever saw them play between 1984 and 1989 and before splintering apart, they etched the grooves of three classic noise albums: Dinosaur, You’re Living All Over Me, and Bug (now available on Merge with bonus videos).
    Now, the group’s founding members – Mascis, Lou Barlow and Murph – have agreed to reunite on the heels of the reissue of their first three recordings. It’s time for the official SludgeFeast.
    "I had no doubt they’d be psyched," says Mascis of his band mates’ feelings on the reunion effort. "I knew they had wanted to do it for awhile."
    "I thought it’ll never happen, no way," says Lou. "But events conspired to bring it together." Even his own mother was in on the effort toward reconciliation. "I was mostly concerned that we locate Murph," he says.
    Whether they intended to or not, the trio had a major (and majorly loud) impact rock & roll music. Their sonic wall of melodic bass, furious drums and guitar wizardry, coupled with weary vocals, became the sonic blueprint for what has become known as alternative rock – especially grunge.
    Today, you can hear echoes of their sound every time a post-grunge band slugs out a chunky riff or when a jam band noodles its way to guitar nirvana. And only a handful of bands born in the early ’80s even made it out of that decade intact, while J Mascis kept the Dinosaur Jr. flag flying through various line-ups, solo ventures and side projects for another decade.
    But for this summer anyway, Mascis and Barlow have secured Murphy and the three of them will be at it again. So what can we expect from the trio after all these years?
    "…songs from the first three albums," Mascis said.
    "That’s the way it should be," Barlow added. "In Dinosaur, we were always kind of stingy."
    "I still kinda use the same stuff and Lou borrowed his same amp and bass back from the guy he sold it to," says J. "I bought one of Murph’s drums on eBay. He might use it."
    Or not.
    "Exactly," he says. "I really have no idea. Anything can happen."

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