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    hey whats up.. thought i would start another little poll here to see what people think. not sure if this poll has been posted before but here you go: ok:
    what are yer favourite dino/j music videos?

    I am counting all the videos in the promo section of and any videos that arent posted there. the only video i have seen on tv is feel the pain. which i consider to be sad. so here is mine.

    I DONT THINK SO : reaks of coolness. funny and cartoonish and total pepsi commercial. although its well made.. which kinda ruins videos. it is still cool. i love the milk instead of alcohol in the video.. kinda shows j’s straightedgeness.

    I’M INSANE : artistic brilliance! i love this video. its just rad and smart. plus i love the horns in this song. not sure if that is j’s dog in there or what? video is too good to over examine.

    JUST LIKE HEAVEN : INDIE POWER!! hehe. this video reeks of no effort. thats why i love it. also pretty cartoonish and pretty weird. what exactly are they doing in this video anyways?


    LITTLE FURY THINGS: ok.. i wasnt going to rate any of the videos. but this video is the best dinosaur jr video ever. this looks like a video that sonic youth would of made. and lets face it. they have the best videos ever. and speak of the devil. someone is wearing a SY tshirt in this video. anywyays.. number 1 is this video. i love the pencil type etchings. rawk oN!!

    ok. and..

    funniest video goes to:
    TAKE A RUN AT THE SUN: i cant believe there was a video made for this song. beach boys rawk! sorry. hehe. also close for being the cheesiest. but more funny than cheesy.

    cheesiest video goes to:
    OUT THERE: j on top of a mountain? come on. thats comin straight outta the eighties.

    coolest video goes to:
    THE WAGON: this video was a relief. not another one of j in front of the camera during a solo. i love the cartoons that reoccur in the vids. this is definetly the coolest most interesting video. not the best though

    most interesting video goes to:
    THUMB: didnt really get the video. thats probably what made it so interesting to me. anyways.. watch it and see for yourself. did a little reading into it. i dunno. seems a little self explanatory if you listen to what people say about j’s psychosis.

    worst video:
    GOIN HOME: this video would of bored me if it wasnt for the kick ass song playing. hehe. i didnt like it. but it was a cool intro by J.

    anyways.. thats it folks. i spent all night writing this and watching all the videos. keep up the work on the video section. it kicks ass.

    later folks.

    when i die, im dead.

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